1. Insurena

    How to run ads to china audience

    good day everyone. Please i have a product which i would like to promote to people in china, hence i need suggestions on how to target people in china. your suggestions and ideas are welcome.
  2. cagetim

    I am China and live in China. I am a super clone replica watch dealer,need advice for dropshipping

    Hi everyone, I have tried to use google ads(cloak) to run, but the account is often blocked. Is there any practical way to get traffic?
  3. DXA

    Searching for Medical equipment factory in China

    Hey guys, I want to go ahead and build a device (already wide-known) in China or anywhere cheap enough where they massively produce children but Alibaba has a very expensive rate and the lady in there is rather very arrogant although I like her. Can somebody tell me where to find a factory...
  4. fizzapong

    In China Play Spotifu Ads - Tutorials

    You can't sign up for a spotify account and place spotify ads in China because of the VPN. We can make a remote Windows desktop server using AWS's Remote Server. Also AWS will give you a US IP. you can customize your location. Use this remote server to register an account and place ads. This way...
  5. Vox1Hex

    Looking for reliable connection into china behind great firewall, VPS, VPN or good proxy?

    I am looking for VPS server in mainland china or reliable proxy connection which is behind the firewall, I need it for testing my websites. Does anybody know about something. All proxies or clouds offer chinese servers but problem is they are usually owned by west companies like LeaseWeb, that...
  6. homeriscool

    The Real Agenda Behind Covid and Where it's Taking Us

    Do you want to know why the elites have destroyed your lives over the last 15 months? Well read on, I promise to explain all of it A thread. It links nicely to this story: Remember...
  7. E

    How to sell good .hk domains? China-Hong Kong

    I have bought about 30 or so domains with a .hk (Hong Kong) extension which I thought were good. Example: M o b i l e s. h k I realized later that I can't list them on Godaddy auctions (only .cn extension allowed) and other English marketplaces don't have prospective Chinese buyers looking...
  8. Vox1Hex

    Question for SEO experts about my adult website

    Hi BHW, I have a question for the SEO experts here on the forum. I've posted this here before, I own several adult sites and one of my site recently started getting a lot of traffic from China. I'm excited about it because the traffic keeps growing and now it's already doing around 20000 people...
  9. Vox1Hex

    Best way to monetize china adult traffic.

    Hi, as title say, I have approx.10000 unique / day users from china (baidu). I am using exoclick and it works quite well, I wonder if there are better ways for monetization like CPA. Any advice? Thank you in advance.
  10. Vox1Hex

    Is there any reliable way how to browse and test my site from mainland china?

    Hi, as title say, I am looking for any reliable way how to browse and test my sites from mainland china. I have tried several proxies, but that was so shitty and it did not work at all. Are there any suggestions? Thank you in advance.
  11. Vox1Hex

    Organic adult traffic from China Baidu...

    Hi, One of my adult website started to have big organic traffic from China Baidu. Don’t ask me how I managed it because I don’t know. I somehow started to be popular there. It is quite good, I have never expected China as adult source, because I thought it will be problem to monetize, but so...
  12. N

    VPN promotion in China

    Hi guys. We have created our own VPN service and want to promote it in mainland China. Do you have any ideas or suggestion how to do this best?
  13. M

    Chinese speaking employee

    Hello we are looking for Chinese speaking employee to perform routine email tasks in reaching out to clients about financial products. Kindly respond if you are interested in the position by providing your contact information.
  14. M

    Chinese speaking contractors to cold-call

    Hello we are looking for Chinese speaking contractors to cold-call companies and offer financial products. Kindly respond if you are interested in the position by providing your contact information.
  15. Darien4

    I wan't to receive a wire transfer of CNY

    Hi there! So I have this problem. Someone should send me money from China, but that person cannot transfer any other currency than RMB/CNY. I asked N26 and transferwise. They both told me they won't do it. So if you know any other reliable service that actually have bank accounts in China and...
  16. alman

    SEO specialist (Baidu/China)

    Hello everyone, We are looking for a Baidu SEO specialist (China) / Chinese link builder / Local Baidu SEO expert. We have a very interesting proposal. Cheers
  17. Tommy_

    Trump blocking Chinese airlines

    What do you think about this? How much will it affect dropshipping?
  18. Benni0315

    China´s Concentration Camps

    *Disclaimer* First I thought that this video is about North Korea and thought "yeah thats bad but not something new, and then I realized, that the Video is in fact about China.... I was just browsing on youtube (like always) and found the following video about Chinese "reeducation camps" or...
  19. M

    Does Baidu SEO demand outside China?

    Does anybody in Blackhatworld looking to rank website in Baidu search engine. 4 biggest search engine in China including Baidu, 360, Sogou, ShenMa. For the people who using online, according to China Government statistics 20-29 year old male is about 26.8%, and 24.6% for female. Which is...
  20. CreativeDaddy

    Is China burning infected bodies?

    Recently I've saw a lot of posts about this matter I have some valuable information of countries without deaths but there is, a lot. When i say valuable is from health professionals. What the hell is going on? I'm in my vacation house, got supplies for at least 6 months. Found this article...
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