I will pay, help with zimbio voting script


Mar 4, 2018
I have had a script running on and off again the last few days but now its not working....... not sure why.

Im using auto hot key had a buddy of mine write the script for me and i would feel bad for asking again becauses shes so busy.

Its supposed to go to zimbio . comthey have a competition going on and alot of us are using script and bots and stuff like that so maybe thats why its not working?

would probably be best if the script is just rewrote so if you think you might be able to do it again the site is zimbio .com and the competition is march madness. it is kinda like a basketball layot thing. Idk how to explain it but the one i need voted for it on the left side of the screen( one desktop) and its the 7th group down, just hit view match up and I need the couple from the 100 voted for (b&c) i can pay you through pay pal and ill need an estimate though so i can gather up some funds. if you are interested and think you can do it message me and ill give you my s.k.y.p.e and we can go into further detail there.
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