poll bots

  1. H

    Online Poll Bot Needed

    Alright lets try this again. I need more people to bot for me in a online poll. Ends early tomorrow morning. Me and a group of friends have cash ready and available for you if you can do it as soon as possible. We would like a couple of thousands of votes per hour. Have cash available via...
  2. Markzol

    Looking for a voting service

    Hello there! Still looking for a good voting service/bot that needs to be able to deliver a couple tens of thousands votes on an online poll in a short amount of time (days at most). Paypal available, contact on PM please.
  3. Markzol

    Poll bot and/or votes

    I need a bot or a similar voting service for an online poll. It's required to provide a couple thousand votes in a period of 5 days for multiple rounds. If you're interested in a this job please send a pm with pricing. Thanks!
  4. B

    I will pay, help with zimbio voting script

    I have had a script running on and off again the last few days but now its not working....... not sure why. Im using auto hot key had a buddy of mine write the script for me and i would feel bad for asking again becauses shes so busy. Its supposed to go to zimbio . comthey have a competition...
  5. E

    voting bot or script for online poll

    so my friend has told me shes used this site before and theres a poll going on that I need help with. ive tried buying votes but its too expensive. Im looking for a cheap alternative not sure if this is it. Im kind of slow when it comes to technology so heres what i need it to do -vote multiple...
  6. Z

    Looking For Someone To Bot a Poll

    Hey as it says I need to bot a poll. It's a fairly large and popular poll so it'd be somewhat extensive and the last person I worked with asked for a bulk price to run a certain number of bots per hour over a few day period. If anyone is offering the same type of way to pay then I'd really...
  7. J

    Need Help with Online Poll Bot

    There's an online poll going on now, for a friend of mine, it's for best soccer player in the area. You are able to vote as many times as you want all you have to do is refresh the page. There is no bot authentication, the only issue is the names are in a random order each time you refresh so...
  8. B

    Need a bot

    Looking for a bot. Zimbio has a poll that blocks ip after a certain amount of votes. Im currently using imacros but my script fails once ip a blocked. Is there anyonw that could give me a work around please pm me. Round ends on monday.
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