Oct 16, 2013
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I'm just a newbie...but I own 0.57
I need some methods or steps to increase it.
Any experienced money makers can help me,please?
I would put the money to trading smaller coins. Look @ youtube for trading tutorials. Or pirate premium training courses. I like this one. Or join a paid group that sells trading signals. Avoid pump/dump groups.
https://www.tradingview.com/symbols/BTCUSD/ideas/ may be your new best friend.
Bhw has a crypto board too. Trading isn't easy. It's very easy to get 'rekt' and lose your bankroll quick. So take your time. Don't let your emotions make your trade decisions.
Since you say by yourself that you are a Newbie, I would not recommend "trading" it. I guarantee you that you are going to lose all of it.
I would recommend selling it, or keeping it. But don't waste your hard earned money.
If you're willing to work for more bitcoin, I would look at sites that pay workers in bitcoin. Or venture into the website: bitcoin talk forum. And find some reputable places there.

Also trading in some smaller coins could help grow crypto.
If you look for cheap cryptos that have been out perofrming the last 1 year slump of Bitcoin. That shows a positive divergence against the crypto market. A very bullish sign.
Thanks to every body who has replied. .still waiting for more ideas.thank you guys
Aside from the obvious 'buy more btc' or 'get paid in btc'.
Trading is the only way. Like @SandwichMayo said if you are noob with no experience you will lose it quick, guaranteed. You need to do lots of studying and reading and practice (Just like making money on BHW). Or just get lucky.
Other methods can be arbitrage. Buy a coin for $100 on market-A and sell for $110 on market-B. Tools exist online to help facilitate finding those deals if you chose to do that. Coinmarketcap's "markets" tab will show you the prices each coin is trading for on every exchange. Keep in mind the fee's. And you might not be able to register on that particular exchange because of GEO restrictions.
Same with crypto trading bots. They exist and will make trades for you. In my experience you will barely break even and therefore I wouldn't recommend it. You will see many people reselling their licenses second-hand.
On which site?
Any steps please or tutorials?
Depends on you're country as each exchange may have different rules for who they allow to join. Binance, Bittrex, and Poloniex are popular exchanges in USA.
All the tutorials you want are on Google/YT. Search "How to trade on binance" for example.
Since you're asking such basic questions, spend some weeks doing heavy research. Then try trading with a very small portion of your bankroll, if you chose to go the trading route.
Babypips is a another good resource for learning trade analysis. It's made for forex iirc but a lot of info will carry over.
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If you want to increase the amount of BTC you have, you should go for BitMEX where you can leverage trade it and make a good profit if you know about TA/FA.
I'm just a newbie...but I own 0.57
I need some methods or steps to increase it.
Any experienced money makers can help me,please?
Sign up for a bitcoin casino go to roulette and put it all on 0 or 00. Thank me later :cool:
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