I need multi-tier pyramid, for my ten sites, include yours


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Jun 10, 2017
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I have multi-tier affiliate ad tracking software for my blogs on 10 websites. If you have one or more websites of your own, I can pay you to have you place anchor text on my 10 sites with affiliate URLs as blog comments, substituted with a slight spin on actual anchor text.

No captcha breaking or nofollows to worry about, this is mutual symbiosis where there are 7 advantages of outbound links, and the affiliate or "reseller" sites will have pages occasionally on top of a pyramid as well. I can provide articles with spintax (some spinning required, of course, I recommend Scrapebox with the $20 TheBestSpinner add-on, I will do data merge later and buy the software when dealing with more articles) just enough to get the plagiarism penalty low, but make each tier, as there will be a minimum of 10 tiers, keyword relevant for something trending upward at trends.google.com.

If you have one or more sites, I can give you a free affiliate tracking membership, and pay labor for comment posting and to be your affiliate at the same time, if you sell something that will offer commission, as I am paying for the placement of ad and anchor text, but need affiliates for what I sell and will be an affiliate for what you sell, while ranking high with 10+ tiers (100 possible overall) times each article. So for my 10 sites, there are 55 possible postings of an ad (10 + 1 + 9 + 2 + ... + 6 + 5) to avoid link swapping. It will probably take 3 hours to figure out how to set up, in the beginning, a routine for a fixed number of sites with a single article optimized for density and good randomization, to be spun and posted, then about 10 articles per hour after that. I can pay $15 hour or best bid. Once there is the potential for 100-tiers and awesome rankings, with a network of Web developers and more sites, I will spin 1,000 articles from TheBestSpinner using data-merge and try to get the verbiage to something that attracts humans, not just robots, as customers to click on links and support affiliate process, so good data merge people will be needed at a higher rate if the rankings get me the traffic I need.