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I need help brainstorming Fanpage ideas

Discussion in 'FaceBook' started by withatwist, Apr 11, 2017.

  1. withatwist

    withatwist Power Member

    Nov 15, 2012
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    Here's my dilemma.

    I created a fanpage a year ago called "Yahoo Sucks"

    Now I'm using Yahoo as an example so that you get the idea. I used a tabloid site that's horrible with their content and their web design but the site gets millions of hits daily and is extremely popular. Their own brand page has millions of fans themselves.

    Now it's obvious that whoever goes to my fanpage, that I am not trying to impersonate the brand by any stretch of the imagination. Not at all.

    Well here's the problem. And it's a good problem to have...I got over 5,000 likes with NO PROMOTION. NO PAGE POSTS. NO STATUS UPDATES.

    I literally did nothing and got 5,000 likes. I'm getting comments on the page, like hey wsup? Why aren't you guys posting anything and stuff like that.

    Now that I have these likes, I'm trying to figure out what should I promote to keep the page active.

    I'm not talking about me trying to promote things to make money. I'm talking about ways to grow the page.

    My eventual plan is to promote one of my main fanpages to this page if the growth is right.

    I never managed a "hate" page before, so I was thinking maybe memes centered around the site that me and my fans hate so much.

    Has anyone else out there in BlackHatWorld ever experimented with this type of page, which is the opposite of a fanpage of a major brand? If so, what did you do to keep everyone engaged?

    Any tips you can throw my way.

    I plan to start doing something with the page finally, sometime next week. Hopefully Monday of next week.

    Thanks for your help.