1. DT Media Agency


    HOW TO OPTIMIZE FACEBOOK ADS Optimizing ads is a concern for all advertisers. Running ads is easy, but optimizing them effectively is the real challenge. It requires a lot of time, effort, and attention to detail. Below, 3 Degrees will share some tips to optimize your ads. Hopefully, it can be...
  2. La Mascara

    They cloned my Fanpage, help?

    Hello everyone Recently, we have faced a situation where someone has cloned our page, spreading false information and creating fictitious scenarios. Everything indicates that this action comes from someone close to us with possible resentments towards our company, causing inconvenience with our...
  3. DT Media Agency


    Fanpage helps promote your brand and business image to the right target customers you want. Fanpage has wide spread power. If a member shares a post in Fanpage, their friends can see it. But fanpages are also susceptible to advertising restrictions, causing difficulties for businesses. Below...
  4. C

    Looking for someone who work on "invite friends to like page button" on Facebook

    Greetings! I need somebody who can help me figure out how to work on invite friends to like page button with fanpages that are already on this new interface. Button still works on those with the old one and everything works just fine, but with new one invitations that I've sent never really got...
  5. P

    How to monetize a facebook page with 1M followers?

    I have an indian celebrity fan page with more than 1 Million follower. How can I monetize the traffic. Fb monetization is disabled due to copyright strike. Any suggestion would go much further than nothing. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  6. J


    I do not understand what is happening. It's been 1 week since I've been trying to enable a new fanpage to advertise and I'm being blocked quickly. I create the page I make some posts and when I upload a simple engagement campaign I already take restriction. they ask for my ID I send it but...
  7. forexuytin

    Free - Fanpage Facebook 73k Fans Post

    I have a Fanpage with 73k fans, now I dont have any plans to use it. So I will post anything for you for free ( not gambling and nude ) with your links on my fanpage. Just leave a comment here and pm me your content. I will send you the posts' link when finished.
  8. Abayard

    Facebook - Fan Pages

    Hello, we currently have a good network of pages on Facebook. We have a team that is creating custom videos that are getting a lot of traction and some viral every week. Looking to connect with others in the space and see how we can work together/collab.
  9. V

    fb mass friends inv to fanpage

    Something has change or i have something blocked, because i have a few accounts and since few days I cannot invite even one person. Do you know the solution for this ?
  10. Y

    Converting followers from FB page to Instagram

    Hi! I have a large Page in Facebook and want to convert its followers into followers of Instagram account. How can I do it? Thanks!
  11. V

    friends on facebook (how to use them)

    Hello guys. I have like 20 fake accounts most of them had 5000 friends in total i have something about 70-80k people. What you can advice to do with them? I started ero fanpage and trying to add them all to this and then sell and do this again and again,but guess it's not the best idea.
  12. elPimps

    Is it possible to link 2+ business account with a single business fb page?

    As the title says... Is it possible to use a single business facebook fanpage linked to 2 or more instagram business account? Am i supposed to create a fanpage for every business instagram account to be able on advertising it?
  13. R

    Buying Finance / Forec Facebook Page

    Hi guys! Has anybody a finance / forex related Facebook page that he is selling? If yes, message me, I'm interested! Thanks!
  14. R

    Buying Crypto Facebook Page

    Hi guys! Has anybody a crypto related Facebook page that he is selling? If yes, message me, I'm interested! Thanks!
  15. Xumi

    How to register a fanpage verified badge

  16. L

    In need of someone to do instagram fanpage strategy

    Hi, I am in need of someone to do the instagram fanpage strategy for my music account!! If anyone is interested, let me know!
  17. kamezzz

    China Newbie help for Facebook account

    Hi, everyone. I come from China. Eariler in 2019, I touched Facebook and registered an account with true profile. But it got banned within seconds because I didn't know a Free VPN when changing IP would cause some problems like that. After a few weeks, I made another one with fake profile with...
  18. trane8881

    Instagram fanpage posting

    Hello guys what methods are you using to find , save & post content to your pages? (In case of using a smartphone, or SAFE external tools) if there're some tricks , methods to make it faster and easier, i think it will be also interesting for other members, thanks :)
  19. M

    Become Admin of unactive Facebook-Fanpages / Contact Admins

    Hello, is there any chance to become a Admin of unactive Facebook-Fanpages. There are so many pages, where is not posting for years. Is there any chance to come in contact with the Admins. I´ve i send them a message no answer. i think the admins don´t read the messages anymore or the pages...
  20. IG Pro

    [Q] YouTube Mother slave method?

    Few days ago i did get an idea about doing mother slave strategy on YouTube. However i couldn't find anyone running this method. So, i guess it is not possible. I wanted to ask you anyway if is it possible or not? It would be same as on Instagram: Have main account Create / buy many sub...
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