I need a little help with Linklicious, could you please read this thread ?

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    Hi !

    I've just purchased the basic version of Linklicious and I have 2 little questions.

    I know a lot of people here use Linklicious to ping their backlinks,
    and I would be grateful if you could just answer to those 2 easy questions :)

    Let's say :

    I have a Youtube video I want to promote.
    I create 100 backlinks to this video url.
    -> Then I use Linklicious to ping the 100 backlinks (with schedule)

    In the "+ Add links" section, in your opinion :

    -> For best results in SERP, what would be the maximum number of links per feed ?
    -> Scheduler setting : Should I have to ping 1 feed every 12 hours (by default) ? 6 hours...? 24 hours ?
    -> and it total, how many days minimum I should take to ping my 100 articles links safely ?

    Sorry for the noob questions, but I'm fresh new to Pinging :D

    Thanks !

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