I got approved in Maxbounty need some help

Discussion in 'CPA' started by pradep89, Apr 8, 2015.

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    hi i just got approved in maxbounty do you guys have any suggestion for me? AS i am new to CPA market i just want to make money via using PPC network using maxbounty offers if you having any suggestion for me it will be very help full for me..

    and is there any one using maxbounty...?
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    You got approved by Maxbounty - that's one step closer your online success.

    - Find your niche and identify a CPA offer that converts well - Look at EPC and use their 'Search campaign' option to narrow down on the offer depending on what you want to promote - Zip/email submits, Free trial etc.

    - Build a landing page and start promoting your affiliate link (I see that you have been around in the forum for a while so I presume you have a decent knowledge of PPC - If you are tight on budget, try getting a FB or Bing Ad coupon or check out the Making Money/Journey section on BHW to see what method others are trying)

    - Add a opt-in form to your landing page and collect user emails before forwarding them to the offer page
    - Follow-up your leads
    - Test, test and test and wait for your first few sale. Figure out what worked and what didn't work. Scale up what worked.

    Easier said than done. You would need a lot of hard work, persistence, patience and little bit of luck at the end of the day. Good luck!
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    OP make sure you ask your AM about the offers with the highest EPC's...but split testing is the key. I would suggest you to split test the same offer with other CPA networks just so you know which network gives you the higher ROI. As far as MB go they are noob friendly and pay on time everytime. Make sure you start with Bing and not Adwords.
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    What would you say is a less noob friendly network? I find maxbounty is basically the most strict in terms of following policy. Do you know others that are worse like that?