How to work with Google Spam Algorithm

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    I suppose a lot of us have been 'slapped" by Googles latest anti-spammimg update?
    Heres what to do to work it to your favour! What ever they do we will fight back!

    Make individual pages for each keyword.

    Make the content interesting and useful not just sales spam. (Include some info that is useful!)

    Reduce the amount of keywords on each page to 1%.. That means for every 100 words make 1 a keyword.

    Use only one H1 heading on each page that uses the keyword.

    Use the keyword in the Page title...Long page titles are out! (Make it precise) example "Weight Loss Tips | Get More out of Life"
    Avoid using to many h2 through to h6 headings... my advice use only one of these per keyword per page. example <h2>Weight Loss Tips and tricks</h2>

    Remember only one per page!

    Anchor text Spamm is a Black Hat Signature

    Mix up the anchor text on articles and blog posts. Example: Jonny Corncob usually puts dumb text links like "visit my website" "Click here for more info" "h t t p :// my website . com" (get the picture) or "link" or mispelt keywords like "traner or weihtg lose..or something stupid like that. This is what normal people do!

    Create a diverse anchor text profile!

    Include descriptive text in the "alt" image tag like "here is a photo of a fat guy guy doing weights. For weight loss tips visit my site"

    Make all new articles and blogs 50% unique!

    Link velocity

    If you make 100 links one day you have to make 100 the next. So if you cant keep this up make 5 or something that you can keep up!

    Big link spikes are black hat signatures.

    I would hand make some posts and blogs and use related keywords for the next little while.
    I would also create posts that link to other posts using related keywords!

    Include a link to an authority domain like wikipedia as well as a link to your site!

    If you are running AMR or SENUKE make the scheduler run for a longer time ie a month or more! and dont use your main keywords for a while! Use the White hat non spammy keywords like "Click here" " Read More" Do the same if you are running BMD.


    If you are running scrapebox use related keywords...they appear at the bottom of google after you do a search "Searches related to" Link to other pages in your site not the home page! Use the manual posting mode! Read what others are saying and then post a comment! make your comment valuable so the blog owner accepts it..don't just say "Great Post Jonny!"

    Dont ping your shit! Let Google find it naturally!

    Use a url shortening service and start to use this as your link. instead of the domain. Thats what Jonny Corn Cob does 'cause he thinks it is "Techy"

    Post to twitter, facebook and Google plus!

    Google is trying to out do facebook in a big way use this to your advantage!
    But mix it up a bit... post other peoples shit as well!

    Put a twitter button, Share on facebook... not like! and a Google Plus button on your site!
    And use them!

    Once you have done all of that ... things will start to lean back in your favour!
    Slow down on the backlink thing and use the keywords and related keywords.

    Remember Google is not the enemy... We always find a way!
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