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Apr 18, 2015
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How to spy on your competitor’s Facebook Ads. Here are a few strategies I’ve compiled on leveraging Facebook & Google to find out what ads your competitors are running & how well they’re performing.

  1. Facebook Graph -To spy on other ads I recommend using the Facebook graph search tool (the search bar) and typing in keywords such as “buy now” and “Goo .gl” to find products in your niche. You can also write things like “buy now” + “cat purse” to narrow it down even more. Once you’ve done that filter it down by date and click on the Public Posts section to see the ads.
You can also type in things like “consultation” + “free” + niche name (without quotes) to find ads specific to your niche. If they have a Goo .gl link, see bonus hack below on how to get even more data.

  1. Google Search — If you just type in niche name Facebook Ads in Google you can get some pretty decent results sometimes. Most people do not look here & these images are usually not from the Facebook Graph results.
  2. Tools — You should have enough data from the first 2 methods. I’m not going to recommend any tools here as I don’t use any and don’t want to promote their products. You can just google Facebook Ad spying tools to find many of them. I’ve seen a few questionable ones, so be careful.
  3. Info & Ads Section — You can go to the Info & Ads tab on any Facebook page to find out what ads they’re running & in which country. This is pretty good if you’re looking at what a particular competitor is doing.
Bonus Hacks

  1. Look for the TOP group posts in your niche and use them in your ads. Treat it like a $400-$500 ad can even do the reverse of this by posting some images to see which get the best responses & use those in your ads. Not to save money, but to see how ‘organic’ it can look in someone’s news feed. You that’s been tested for you depending on how successful the post is
  2. If they have a Goo .gl link, you can add a + at the end of the link to get data related to clicks, referrers, countries and even platforms! You can pretty much see exactly who they’re targeting. For that reason, I’d probably recommend that you do not use Goo .gl in your ads. For eCommerce, you can also reverse engineer the numbers to find out how many sales they’re getting by using an average conversion rate.
Do I recommend any of this?

Probably not. I prefer to stay clear of biases & what others are doing. At the end of the day, these are marketers just like yourself. If you just follow the principles of persuasion and advertising and actually solve a problem, you’ll have no problem getting excellent results without looking at what others are doing. I personally use the News Feed Eradicator plugin to keep my newsfeed clear. You’ll most likely come up with much better ad copy and creatives without looking at any media messages on Facebook, Instagram & every other social platform.