1. malikmajmudar

    Journey to making $1000 per day in revenue with LosPollos dating cpa. Already achieved $200 day !

    First of a let me introduce my self. I start earning considerable about of money online with adult tube industry. It made me and still making me good amount of money to be considered rich in where i live :) So as usual when it comes to money the sky is ur limit. So i though to invest the money i...
  2. malikmajmudar

    Why advertisers limit their budget per day expand the campaign for several days?

    Hello i was studying media buying stuff and see that advertiser who launch campaigns for cpa offer like dating limit there budget per day instead of spending the full budget at once. I mean whats the purpose of this? they can simply launch the campaign till the full budget get empty instead of...
  3. RighteousMan

    New member

    Hello, I am Michael. Looking forward to getting to know more advertisers and publishers. Google ads block many sites and ttraffic. So I look for new adservers and simply gather more knowledge about ads.
  4. sscaz

    How I Made $75,000 in 4 Months with 2 Projects (Proof of Earnings Included)

    Passive Income E-Book This is a thread related to my e-book, with methods and strategies that are too valuable to share for free and would become saturated if I did. As proof, 4 months ago, I started 2 new projects while writing this e-book, and as of the day I write this (3rd November 2023)...
  5. W

    New AI Auto posting software automatize link building process unlimited times

    I recently discovery in a Telegram group a software that combines what RankerX/MoneyRobot softwares can do with a auto posting interface with AI. It can auto post in different type of websites, forums, communities sites providing a result, similar to services like some known link building...
  6. G

    OnlyFans Traffic

    Me and my partner want to start an OnlyFans agency, and have been doing a ton of research The one thing we think we will struggle with is traffic Can someone help us get traffic? Instagram, Tik Tik, Twitter, Reddit, Google Ads Whatever it is, please message us We are open to all offers, and...
  7. Mutimedia Agency

    Rent FB/Google ad accounts with daily spending 250$, 500$, 1500$ and Nolimit. 24/7 Support

    *****FB/Google ad accounts rental service!***** *If you are having trouble with FB/Google accounts usually get banned . *If you want to spend more to grow your business. *If you need more ad accounts for mutiple products and testing. Here is the place you're looking for! ***What we provide...
  8. Evadavcom

    EVADAV>> Empowering Publishers & Advertisers with Leading Ads

    EVADAV provides engaging and leading ads across various formats via CPC and CPM pricing models. What sets EVADAV apart is in-house-built technology and round-the-clock partner care with professional account managers. How you benefit from partnering with EVADAV, Leading Ads: - Premium and...
  9. V

    SEARCHING: Chaturbate Modeling Promotion. Webmaster. Advertising Specialist.

    We are a streamer chaturbate project with a large fanbase. A popular girl model is looking for specialists to join her team. We are looking for an adequate webmaster to create a ranking program. And we are also looking for a specialist in advertising and creative in the adult industry. If...
  10. T

    Freelancer/Agency for PPC campaign setup & management in a white/grey niche in Germany market

    We're on the hunt for a freelance expert or firm with a track record in the white/grey market for Germany. We're envisioning a lasting partnership in which you'll revamp our underperforming Adwords efforts, assess their effectiveness, and guide us in launching new campaigns. If necessary...
  11. D

    Would this be profitable and could I get banned?

    So i own a domain with nothing on it right now but I’m wondering if it would be possible and profitable to run a single page website that has a button at the bottom that redirects the user to a cpa smartlink (I use MyLead and I love their Smartlinks). The money will mainly come from a bunch...
  12. W

    What is the best paid traffic source to promote affiliate marketing offers

    Hello I have 2 websites which I write some reviews about different affiliate marketing products from Clickbank, Jvzoo, Warriorplus and few more from Shareasale. I usually promote using free traffic sources from youtube videos, Instagram, tiktok, facebook, quora, improving seo on my websites for...
  13. Davis Ads


  14. P

    [HELP] I have a list with 2800 websites used to send traffic to Clickbank offers but there is a issue

    Recently I started doing affiliate marketing business and yes I already try to promote some offers in Youtube, Facebook, Instagram,Pinterest, Tiktok, and Twitter posting videos and articles consistently. And even with 1000 followers average in each social netwok I can barely get traffic to...
  15. mrFabulous

    What type of Ads makes the most money?

    I've seen many different type of Ads Gambling, Crypto, Stocks, Health, etc. But what kind of Ads makes the most money? And what type of Ads are YOU running currently to make money?
  16. mrFabulous

    How legit is Leadenforce? Does it give any result?

    So, I saw this tool called Leadenforce that allow you to scrape followers of any instagram page and turn it into custom Audience for facebook Ads. Has anyone ever tried it? Is the Audience real? How were the results? The tool requires you to connect your facebook Ad account in order for it to...
  17. K

    Has any advertiser here used What are your experiences?

    Hello everybody, I'm trying to run ads but I want it on trusted platforms only. so; Has any advertiser here used What are your experiences?
  18. mrFabulous

    How to solve FaceBook Ad charging twice issue?

    So, my Ad account was disabled after a failed payment, even though my card had Funds in it. I tried few times, and it Finally accepted the payment and the Ad account is now Enabled. But now FaceBook is charging me twice, every time I reach my Billing threshold. My billing threshold is $2.5...
  19. fawqur

    Seeking Advice from Facebook Advertisers: Balancing Engagement and Reach!

    Hey there, amazing people! I hope you're all having a fantastic day! I have a burning question that I would love to get your insights on. I've been running a Facebook ad campaign recently. Every single day, I receive an overwhelming number of comments on my ad, easily exceeding 50 comments...
  20. alex270

    Help with advertising FB/GOOGLE/TWITTER & etc - SMM Services

    Hi I tried to advertise the SMM selling website(selling followers, likes, views etc) via Facebook ads, but they rejected it! Any other platforms (Google/Twitter/Yandex/Bing/Tiktok/Pinterest/Snapchat) accept SMM business? Please share your experience. Note: Please don't recommed cloaking. I...
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