How to setup domain name in C panel? .

Discussion in 'Web Hosting' started by oliverrusso, Jul 11, 2013.

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    Hi guys I recently buy new domain and want to setup my domain name in C panel. I have hosting account with host gator. I need to setup my all files with my new domain name in C panel. Please suggest me some tips so that i will able to host my new domain ASAP. I need to setup product with my domain name and my product file space is 283 MB. Just let me know it is possible to add 283 MB Zip format file in C panel with my new domain name? . If yes, then let me know how. I try my best knowledge to add my full file with my domain name but i though that my internet connection is not supported by file uploading. I try to upload my file with my domain name but always failed. Suggest me some other alternative way to upload my Zip format file on my C panel with my new domain name. Please explain me in brief. Thank you

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    you need to set the hostgator nameservers where you bought your domain. It will take about an hour to process. Then your good to go.
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