How to prevent file hosting sites from deleting inactive files?


Jun 29, 2013
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I'm running a small youtube channel that brings in regular income. I use file hosting sites to share my mods and other tools for simulators. I get additional money per every 1000 downloads from those file hosting sites.
However, some of my files do not get any hits and thus are at risk of being deleted because of inactivity (File hosting providers that pay you per downloads have short file retention). It would be hard for me to track down every file and re-download it before 30 or 60 days passes. Also, re-uploading those missing files would be annoying.

Is there a method to automatically prevent files from being deleted from servers? I speak about file hosting providers such as RapidGator, DepositFiles and UploadGig.

Thanks in advance
If they have a rule that there must be a minimum amount of downloads per every XX days, then there is no way to bypass that.

You could make a tracker to track the links which has no downloads, or is deleted.

Or you could make a tracker which tracks your dashboard data, and let you know when there is no download for the last xx days. Well, you will then have to download it yourself, which is not OK I think, or will have to reupload.

I cant think of any other possible ways.
Mirroing? Maybe you could combine two things, buy an aws from amazon to hold those files as backup and then ask for a script that uploadsthis files every 30 days or whatever to a new site or new link then update the link.

Maybe too tricky?

If you are using a hosting they may have delete your files cuz virus thread warning, it happens to me many times.
Thanks for the responses guys but unfortunately those methods seem like very tedious and time consuming. The whole file storing serves two purposes: 1st - It allows users to benefit from my works and engage more, 2nd - It earns me additional money per 1000 downloads (a lot of folks have some kind of AD blocking software installed nowadays and it cut up on my revenue). As time goes, I have more and more vids and files linked from those vids. It will be very difficult to keep track of all of them :(. Not to mention that I don't have premium account on any file hosting services. Downloading them and re-uploading will take too much time.

Back in the day I used to download some games from sites and they had games as old as 3 or 4 years. Each one of them had like 20 or more links to specific parts of the whole game which, when downloaded, were extracted to one single folder and allowed for full installation.
All of those links were working despite the site having tends of hundreds of games listed. I don't think that each part of all games out from those thousands, was downloaded at least once in a month.
I wonder how those guys do it. Do they have some sort of automated methods for it or what. Help me guys, I'm really stuck on this one.
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What is the issue for you to buy a premium account from the file host? Do you think there is a better way other than this?
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