How to prevent clickfraud from professional software?


Nov 28, 2022
Have a huge problem with Google ads and looking for someone who can offer a solution (price is negotiable).
Competitors use special software to imitate human profiles and click my ads to spend my budget. They know what they do, use mobile IPs, collect cookies on thousands fake profiles so these clicks are okay for google. I have 70-80% CTR and it’s not a problem for Google at all(

Click fraud services like Clickcease don’t work, they don’t detect these fake profiles.

What solutions can you offer? Maybe someone know, ready to discuss a decent reward if it helps
Implement auto rule for keywords (if CTR is > 30%) - stop keyword.
But you can also have fraud clicks with low CTR in this case you can stop keyword based on high price for "Sale" event.
P.S. Filtering your audience by removing "unknown" can also help a bit.
Clickcease might not be catching everything, but it's still a good starting point. Look into their custom detection rules and see if you can fine-tune them to identify suspicious patterns. Additionally, consider using Google Analytics in tandem to track user behavior on your landing page. Clicks with minimal time spent or nonsensical user journeys could be red flags. Blocking mobile IPs might seem tempting, but it can also block legitimate users. However, if you're seeing a ton of clicks from a specific IP range, you could try temporarily blocking them. Just be sure to monitor results closely and unblock if needed. Refine your ad targeting to focus on demographics and interests most relevant to your ideal customer. This can help reduce clicks from irrelevant profiles competitors might be using. While Google might not bat an eye at the high CTR on its own, explain the situation to their support team. They might have additional insights or suggestions specific to your campaign.

Set up a landing page specifically designed to catch click fraud bots. Fill it with nonsensical content or hidden elements that wouldn't be visible to a real user. Clicks on this page would be a strong indicator of fraudulent activity. Completely eliminating click fraud might be tough, but these strategies can help you minimize its impact. If you find something that works, definitely share it with the community.
you can also make sure google search partners is unchecked in the campaign settings. I’ve found low quality traffic from there
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