1. Deimos455

    How to prevent clickfraud from professional software?

    Hello! Have a huge problem with Google ads and looking for someone who can offer a solution (price is negotiable). Competitors use special software to imitate human profiles and click my ads to spend my budget. They know what they do, use mobile IPs, collect cookies on thousands fake profiles...
  2. myinternetempire

    Best Click Fraud Prevention

    I'm getting ready to launch a PPC campaign on both Adwords and Bing Ads and I want to proactively block click fraud. Does anyone here have extensive experience with the various click fraud prevention service providers and have any recommendations? The half a dozen or so competiting solutions...
  3. krazylearner

    Got some clicks on my ads from a histing company ips

    HI i am running a PPC campaign . i was recording ips that were clicking on my ads . i found two ips 198-71-86-57 and 162-220-13-71 which i traced back to hosting providers like quadranet . so i want to know how this is happening ? is there real people or competitors doing fraud with my campaign...
  4. B

    Clickfraud prevention - Anyone can suggest a service?

    Hello Experts, I am looking for Protection to my adwords / yahoo / msn campaigns. I have no doubt that some are clicking my ads... but I have no resources to prove it. Can anyone suggest a script/software/service/**** that can help track this? Of-course, free services are always better ;)...
  5. mystery

    Click Fraud and AdWatchers - Anyone?

    Has anyone of you guys tried adwatchers? If so, do you recommend them for click fraud monitoring? I have suffered from click fraud in the past and would like a permanent way to keep me safe in future. Thanks!
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