How to Pick a Domain Name?

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Do you think a domain assistance tools can give better results than doing manual search?

  1. Both give me the approximately the same results.

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  2. Of course I use domain tool, it helps a lot.

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  3. I prefer to stay on paper and pen; it is slowly but satisfied result.

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    May 1, 2010
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    Hi You, Chosen a domain name can be hard for you if you're searching yourself, Sometimes you go to domain name auctions like sedo, but the problem is all dot com domains that suit my business is sold so how can I still find a good domain with dot com or at least dot net domain.

    You can usually come up with your own profitable domain name. Sit down with paper and pencil or your computer and word processor and just brainstorm ideas about your company and products. Make a list of anything that comes to mind. Don't worry about if it fits or not just add it to the list. When you have put down everything you can think of start going through and taking off anything that doesn't make sense or is too long. If the idea is too specific then mark it off your list.

    Finally as once again chosen a domain name can be hard for you if you're searching yourself, in fact they're many domain tools and software available out there to help you get the best domain, one of the best domain tool I recommend and I personally use is a domain suggestion software available via . It will save your time, give you the best results.