How to maximize ahref keyword tool


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Feb 6, 2020
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How can I make the most of the Ahref 7-day trial?

In one day I had done all my keyword research to last me a year and don't know what more to do with it. Do you have any suggestions?

My website is new with few backlinks.
In my keyword research, I generally use Ubersuggest, however, I recently purchased an ahref trial to test it.

Although the tool is excellent and unique in its own way, I discovered something weird. ahref KD is unusually low. I compared ahref KD to Ubersuggest, and found ubbersuggest KD to be more trustworthy. ahref has low keyword difficulty, whereas ubbersuggest has a high keyword difficulty.

Keywords with KD 1 in ahref would return like KD 37 on Ubersuggest. When I googled some keywords to see which sites were ranking at the top, I discovered page one full of sites with high DA, implying that it's not an easy keyword to rank, so ubbersuggest might be reliable.

ahref generates a better list when it comes to matching terms of a certain keyword. It has also more features also.