1. anthoserge

    [Journey] Building a free SEO REST API

    Hi BHW! I started to build an SEO API and I want to share my journey here. First step, the PoC, actually, I retrieve data from several sources (semrush, moz, ubersuggest), it's free and unlimited! Under the hood, the process leverages reverse engineering and various techniques that I won't...
  2. semrush.png


  3. MrApple

    Ubersuggest showing more backlinks than Ahrefs?

    Hi I've always wondered why Ubersuggest shows my site as have more backlinks than Ahrefs. I'm not talking a small difference here either - Ubersuggest says I have 125,000 backlinks and Ahrefs is saying I have 7,000 That is one BIG difference imo.... Do you know why this is the case? Cheers
  4. jeronimon


    SEMRUSH 7$ (with discount 6$) ✅ Account is a 14 DAYS SEMRUSH GURU plan. ✅ The account is delivered as Email and Password. (This is a Personal Account, you can change the password) ✅ You can login from the original semrush.com website. ✅There have been no problems with accounts so far. ✅...
  5. HenryObi

    Is Keysearch A Reliable Replacement For Ahrefs and Semrush

    I want to consider keysearch as I'm tired of having issues with Semrush trial accounts that I buy. Do you think it is good enough as a proper replacement in 2923? I've been seeing some influencers I follow promote this product, I don't want to be shilled into paying for a weak product all...
  6. hims.000

    [Giveaway] Your Competitors Backlink Report for FREE (I have a Ubersuggest Subscription)

    Hey guys, Just wanted to let you know that as a member of our community, you get Your Competitors Backlink Report for FREE from my side. Recently I bought Ubersuggest plan which provides me with 150 Search/Day with 2,000 backlinks. But I hardly use that tool. That's why I think to add value to...
  7. jnz


    To Inform: - Since the products are digital, there are no returns or exchanges. -You can use all of our products as specified and for a period of time as long as the relevant company does not make a policy change. -Wordpress plugin installations are installed by us because they are not in the...
  8. A

    Ubersuggest or Semrush, ahref?

    So i'm trying to start a blog and content creation in general but kinda in a confusion on what to use between these tools or what's recommended for a beginner on SEO and keyword research? i'm low on budget so i'm leaning into ubersuggest but will it help me SEO-wise? got any tips?
  9. x1digital


    Rules: -INSTANT DELIVERY – Mostly we have on sotck and you will receive instantly after your payment, otherwise it can take up to 2 hour for delivery -Completely Private account, you can change password and do what ever you want. -No refund after your order placed -You must clear your browser’s...
  10. HIccup

    How can I make some money with Ahrefs and Ubersuggest?

    I have two accounts of Ahrefs & Ubersuggest (not free version) and they are not stolen. I cannot give them to anyone or rent them out. I was wondering if I can do something with these accounts to make some money. Maybe make reports and sell it as a service. I know why these sites are used, and...
  11. mimonirbd

    (Need) Ubersuggest BIN

    I need Neil Patel Ubersuggest latest BIN for the trial version, that's working. Previously I used this BIN 424093035. But recently it doesn't work! Anybody can help me?
  12. dicten1

    How to maximize ahref keyword tool

    How can I make the most of the Ahref 7-day trial? In one day I had done all my keyword research to last me a year and don't know what more to do with it. Do you have any suggestions? My website is new with few backlinks. In my keyword research, I generally use Ubersuggest, however, I...
  13. dragonguy4

    ⚡❤️Premium Tools ⏩Only $9 ✅Alexa ✅Moz Pro ✅CognitiveSEO ✅WordAi ✅Semrush ✅Shutterstock ✅Much More! ❤️Private ⚡

    Here's what you can get with ONLY $9 TODAY. SAVE HUGE! Private access. Full replacement guarantee. Maximum convenience for any need ✅ Alexa Agency 30 Days alexa.com ✅ Moz Pro 30 Days moz.com ✅ Semrush GURU 14 Days semrush.com ✅ Semrush PRO 30 Days semrush.com ✅ Ubersuggest Agency 7 Days...
  14. autobaned

    [Giveaway] Ubersuggest Enterprise/Agency Account

    Hi all BHW people. Hope it's a good day. Ubersuggest is one of the best tools that I use often. I think the results are very good. Today I will share the Ubersuggest Enterprise/Agency account for 7 days. Hopefully can update every day or week. Please do not change the password. So that I am...
  15. YuvrajThapa

    Has Anyone Tried Ubersuggest Paid Plan?

    Hey friends, just curious to know how the Ubersuggest paid plan is as compared to other SEMRUSH and Ahrefs. Specially they also have lifetime plan. Has anyone tried their paid plan? And is it worth than other tools? I would like to know your opinions in it. Thanks!!!
  16. Arsalan Nazar

    Ubersuggest ( You’ve Reached Your Daily Limit )

    Hello everyone, I want to ask if anyone using ubersuggest Individual Life Time package? As everyone knows that neil patel in his old videos told the world that his ubersuggest tool will be free of any cost. People start using his tool and then boom asking for paid subscriptions. From $120 To...
  17. OlafRustle

    [Get] Ubersuggest Lifetime for 99$

    Hello everyone Today I found out that there is a secret Tier 0 for Ubersuggest that costs 99$ for Lifetime: Tier 0 does not have projects or rank tracking but everything else seems unlimited. I have exported more than 2000 Keywords and Links so it's not just the individual plan. So how do...
  18. KingNeanderthal

    Ubersuggest - Does it really work?

    I do my keyword research with Ubersuggest. I created 30 blog posts over 4 months and none of them are getting ranked. I make sure to choose low competition keywords. Make sure all the blogs have at least 900 words. Is there something I should do while creating posts like making backlinks?
  19. C45HC0W

    difference between keyword difficulty Semrush Ubersuggest sistrix

    Why is ther such a discrepancy in the keyword difficulty? It is obvious that the difficulty should not be the same but sistrix and ubersuggest tell me the the keyword difficulty is very low - low and semrush tells me for the exact same keywords that is very hard (76%-80%). How should I...
  20. vimal85

    Best Free Keyword research Tool | Alternative to Google Keyword Planner

    Hi Guys, I have used tools such as google keyword planner, Ubersuggest. But for more clarity is there any free tool that can provide us approximate search volume for the keywords terms and competitor keyword analysis. Thanks is advance.
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