1. dicten1

    How to maximize ahref keyword tool

    How can I make the most of the Ahref 7-day trial? In one day I had done all my keyword research to last me a year and don't know what more to do with it. Do you have any suggestions? My website is new with few backlinks. In my keyword research, I generally use Ubersuggest, however, I...
  2. dragonguy4

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  3. autobaned

    [Giveaway] Ubersuggest Enterprise/Agency Account

    Hi all BHW people. Hope it's a good day. Ubersuggest is one of the best tools that I use often. I think the results are very good. Today I will share the Ubersuggest Enterprise/Agency account for 7 days. Hopefully can update every day or week. Please do not change the password. So that I am...
  4. YuvrajThapa

    Has Anyone Tried Ubersuggest Paid Plan?

    Hey friends, just curious to know how the Ubersuggest paid plan is as compared to other SEMRUSH and Ahrefs. Specially they also have lifetime plan. Has anyone tried their paid plan? And is it worth than other tools? I would like to know your opinions in it. Thanks!!!
  5. Arsalan Nazar

    Ubersuggest ( You’ve Reached Your Daily Limit )

    Hello everyone, I want to ask if anyone using ubersuggest Individual Life Time package? As everyone knows that neil patel in his old videos told the world that his ubersuggest tool will be free of any cost. People start using his tool and then boom asking for paid subscriptions. From $120 To...
  6. OlafRustle

    [Get] Ubersuggest Lifetime for 99$

    Hello everyone Today I found out that there is a secret Tier 0 for Ubersuggest that costs 99$ for Lifetime: Tier 0 does not have projects or rank tracking but everything else seems unlimited. I have exported more than 2000 Keywords and Links so it's not just the individual plan. So how do...
  7. KingNeanderthal

    Ubersuggest - Does it really work?

    I do my keyword research with Ubersuggest. I created 30 blog posts over 4 months and none of them are getting ranked. I make sure to choose low competition keywords. Make sure all the blogs have at least 900 words. Is there something I should do while creating posts like making backlinks?
  8. C45HC0W

    difference between keyword difficulty Semrush Ubersuggest sistrix

    Why is ther such a discrepancy in the keyword difficulty? It is obvious that the difficulty should not be the same but sistrix and ubersuggest tell me the the keyword difficulty is very low - low and semrush tells me for the exact same keywords that is very hard (76%-80%). How should I...
  9. vimal85

    Best Free Keyword research Tool | Alternative to Google Keyword Planner

    Hi Guys, I have used tools such as google keyword planner, Ubersuggest. But for more clarity is there any free tool that can provide us approximate search volume for the keywords terms and competitor keyword analysis. Thanks is advance.
  10. Ashway

    Ubersuggest no longer FREE

    Ive been an avid user of ubersuggest as it was a free alternative to ahref. Niel got all users google search console data and now selling same data to us :/ Any other alternative to ubersuggest?
  11. new_don

    Keyword Research For Personal Finance Blog

    Hi Guys, I am creating a personal finance blog which will be dedicated for my country only. I want a help in finding good low competition keywords. I am using ubersuggest for doing my keyword research and so far i have found more than 100s of keywords which have good volume around 4-5k and low...
  12. nifras

    Ubersuggest No More Free

    https://ibb.co/Rvt2j37 :p:p:p:p:p:p:p
  13. Intexam

    Is Ubersuggest accurate for keyword research?

    Hi, I wanted to know if Ubersuggest is accurate for keyword research or not. I have doubt because it's free while others have have $100+/month fees with limitations.
  14. fxmanaged

    Any Free Tools to Track a Website's Keyword Rankings?

    We've used SERPBook.com in the past to track keyword rankings for different websites and tried the free Ubersuggest yesterday, which lets you track 25 keywords per website, which is OK. Ubersuggest also provides website traffic analysis, but it's very inaccurate. Any other free tools out there...
  15. nuxli

    Can I use too many keywords for google ads campaign?

    There are a lot of impressions on keywords I'd never even think would have these kind of numbers? I used Ubersuggest and just wrote tons of keywords..All the keywords lead to basically the same outcome but should I decrease the number of keywords that probably won't bring conversions? Sorry for...
  16. crissdinesh

    Neil Patel's Ubersuggest is now Revealing Keyword Difficulty for Free. Death of paid SEO tools?

    This is pretty cool. Today I see that Neil's ubersuggest tool is revealing keyword difficulty for free. Will it be free for long term? Seems like it's a challenge against other costly Paid KW tools.
  17. Reg Park

    Different results from keyword research tools

    Hi guys, I realize some keyword research tools give different search volumes. For example if I want to search "best dumbbell"...some tools like Ubersuggest will give me 12,100 search volume/month and Others like Serps and KWfinder will give 400 search volume. I also noticed that maybe...
  18. 5

    My no-software, no subscribe, 100% free technique to grab thousands of keywords

    Sometimes I just want the maximum amount of keywords possible, and I want it right now and for free. 1) I go to ubersuggest and search my "seed keyword" 2) I open my Google Chrome console (mac shortcut: Alt+Cmd+I) 3) I type exactly this then hit Enter: $('li span.keyword.web').click(); 4) I...