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How to import huge affiliate adult content with wordpress

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by KingManu, Mar 11, 2014.

  1. KingManu

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    Feb 6, 2014
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    So let me break it down for you first to explain a little bit what we talk about. I know like everybody else all these auto-blogging tools and methods , i personally used wp-o-matic myself too, but got way too disappointed about the content and the huge bounce rate.
    With this little tutorial we going to take it to the next level: creating personalized mass gallery imports for our TGP sites (it will work with tube sites also but you need to make the tweaks yourself). Using my method you will get mass content straight from your porn affiliate, host the galleries on your website and ( the best part) when someone click on the image will be sent to the actual free gallery from your sponsor. So, they won't be directed to the main affiliate webpage, but to the actual gallery corresponding with the picture they clicked. This way users won't be disappointed about what they find. Just because we are in the adult business doesn't mean we have to deliver crappy content! This will work with any adult affiliate that provide custom XML for their content. This is a newbie tutorial

    What you need:
    - hosted wordpress with a good domain name ( niche related to the content)
    - plugins : WP All Import (with this plugin we going to do the actual import) , Easy Add Thumbnail (this will add thumbnail on auto mode even if the picture is hotlinked - it might take a while to update all thumbnails but it does the job),
    Web Ninja Auto Tagging System (auto add tags, bulk add tags)
    - adult affiliate that provide xml for their content (most of them do provide that)
    - adult network = ads for extra profits (use one with mobile redirects payments and popunders * not popups*)

    1. Install the wordpress, choose a nice theme ( any gallery theme will work, try to customize it as much as you can) and install all the plugins mentioned.
    2. go to your adult affiliate and generate the custom xml file. Choose what is suitable for you ( i choose free image galleries only) and export the file. I suggest starting with only
    100 links at first to test your hosting for any slow-run. Use encoded links ! You can get mixed video- image xml's or only video xml also.
    3. Upload the xml file into the WP All Import plugin. After skipping the first setting you will run into a template for your posts. Here we are going to set how the posts are going to look like.
    I'm gonna take an example of my DDF xml file. After i import it i see in the right tab at the template this nice code:
    ​2009-​12-​23 16:​04:​33​
    ​Christmas fun with hot Conny​
    ​Christmas fingering fun with Conny​
    ​Hot Conny masturbating with a tree ornament​
    ​Busty Conny masturbating near the Christmas tree​
    ​Busty Conny teasing her shaved pussy near the Christmas tree​
    i replaced the links cause i don't make any publicity here :p. So as you can see we have in this template everything, from image links to description and free gallery link.

    Now let's make our template!
    To make that just slide from right to left any parts you want anywhere you want.
    Example: For title take a description from the right panel and put it there. It will look like {description30char[1]} into your tittle tab. Also you can include model name, sponsor site main webpage, date, anything you want. Try to customize it as much as you can.
    for content you will go like this (use text editing):

    <a href="{url_encoded[1]}" target="_BLANK"><img alt="" src="{pic1[1]}" /></a>
    <a href="{url_encoded[1]}" target="_BLANK"><img alt="" src="{pic3[1]}" /></a>
    <a href="{url_encoded[1]}" target="_BLANK"><img alt="" src="{pic7[1]}" /></a>
    <a href="{url_encoded[1]}" target="_BLANK"><img alt="" src="{pic9[1]}" /></a>
    <a href="{url_encoded[1]}" target="_BLANK"><img alt="" src="{pic10[1]}" /></a>
    <a href="{url_encoded[1]}" target="_BLANK"><img alt="" src="{pic15[1]}" /></a>
    <a href="{url_encoded[1]}" target="_BLANK"><img alt="" src="{pic16[1]}" /></a>
    So as you can see we get the description in the begging of the post ad than we display the pictures with a href to the free image gallery related to that picture. I didn't used all the pictures for the reason that i don't want too display everything so that visitors will have a reason to click the pictures. You can include them all and also customize in here a lot to look different from many other websites out there. For example you can display pictures without link and have a button at the bottom that links to the gallery, you can include model name, date and any other details in the content. The choice is yours !

    Save your template before hitting next! Next you can include model name in the category or tags tabs, anything you want as well. Hit next and the importing will start!
    4. Use a image teleporter to host the images on your own domain or purchase the pro version of this plugin. I don't use image teleporters anymore as they will stop the entire process on my website ( i guess i don't have that speedy host).
    5. Place ad network banners to your website for extra income and the codes for popunder and mobile redirects
    6. Repeat step 3
    Extra-step: you can rewrite the titles and content manually, maybe add tags and things like that to be more original. It involves some work, but still beats the crap out of making all posts by yourself.

    The options with this plugin are basically sky-high, because you can import any kind of xml you have, old blogs, old websites... anything you want. The number of posts will be huge after you figure it out how to use this plugin. You can go multiple adult affiliate, you can go crazy with this! And it gives you the option of customizing that auto-blogging tools doesn't provide. Let me tell you something, if people that search for your blog will find on it exactly what they looked for, you will run it with long-time success. If they find just spammy-crappy-irrelevant content don't wonder why your mega gallery website won't work. That's why i think this plugin is a much evolved solution for auto-blogs. As you can see, customization is the main idea of this. Focus on that and you will do great!

    That's kinda everything, you can figure out easily everything else about it. I hope it helps people looking to start their adult TGP/Tube website in no time.

    Best regards,
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    Mar 15, 2014
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    Yeah well, want my advice? this is way too much for someone who is trying to help. Will read it and get back to you.
  3. KingManu

    KingManu Newbie

    Feb 6, 2014
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    haha sry for that. as you can see i didn't made any kind of marketing or link examples. I just though this would be nice to share
    anyway i cut the details as much as i could, but if give out less you wouldn't understand what i am talking about.
    btw this method i use it too (besides others) to monetize. Shame of me to share it with others right?!
  4. jayngo23

    jayngo23 Regular Member

    Apr 12, 2013
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    do u have skype ? ive been trying so hard to make a gallery tube website can u help
  5. georgejetsonn

    georgejetsonn Newbie

    Mar 16, 2015
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    Hi man! Awesome info here.

    The only thing I can't seem to grasp is how you get your XMLs to show links for each individual image.
    I can only get my XMLs to show links to hosted galleries or ZIPs. Even on DDF. Am I missing something here? :)