how to get traffic

You should definitely increase quantity and especially quality of your blog posts. Also consider about social networking for traffic.

There are various ways of getting traffic to your blog. What you need do first is to know your audience/visitors and locate were they can be found when you do find them.

Try to find out what is their problems or what they need. Then provide provide the result on your website, a good example of were you can start out is becoming a member of your niche related forum and get involved providing useful resource the foum members through your website.

Look for other communities that are related to your blog niche and repeat the same thing I mentioned above. More examples of were you can get targeted visitors to your websites facebook groups, google+ communities, create how to videos related to your niche uploaad them to your niche related video sharing website take the libks of your videos share them in your forums, facebook groups, google+ communities etc.

Remeber you are not limited to video url sharing alone you can as well share. Links to your webiste/blog after uploading your articles.

You can get more traffic resource from google. Do some resarch and you will find what you want. I hope I have been able to answer you question on "How to get traffic to your blog" good luck and God's speed.

i publish 1 blog post daily but i am unable to connect more traffic for my website then some help me for getting high.
Content has to be well written, pointless paying for traffic if your pages are full of rubbish.
I think you can change the on-page and check the broken link of your site because google crawl every thing and your broken link is negative impression of your site.
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you can use fresh content and using some off-page techiques to get huge traffic.

Some off-page techniques such as :
1 Blog
2 Article
3 Profile creation
4 Social media
Check out @t0mmy's guides about getting traffic with different methods.
You might want to read this, I found this very helpful and I hope it can you somehow.
Choose the right keyword for your content and build your social profiles strongly. If your content is really engaged with the readers then you can get it. share your blog posts into some active groups on social media such as related to your niche.
Only posting a blog post on your website will not lead you to get a huge traffic towards your website. You need to focus on building some strong backlinks from various channels so that you can get high search engine visibility. Once you get visibility on search engine you can get visitors itself.
To my mind the fastest place to get traffic is social media. But you should use really quality content if you need high bounce rates.
The most popular way of ranking a site and improving rankings is through the use of a Private Blog Network, although it may be not be the best suggestion for a newbie.
I'm not an expert on the subject but as others before me said, maybe work on your keywords and paid traffic.
What you also can do is work on retargeting tools. Web push notifications for example work wonders on content websites such as blogs.
The company I did my internship in used web pushes to connect with visitors on their website and it allowed us to reconnect with them easily. I found it interesting, as you can reach people that were interested once, and could be potentially interested in future content. In other words, quality audience.
You should look it up, some of them are free (like the trial version of PushCrew, or Finebird) and pretty useful too.
i publish 1 blog post daily but i am unable to connect more traffic for my website then some help me for getting high.

How much time passed after you created this site? Wait atleast 6 months to see the best results.
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