how to get traffic

Oct 28, 2016
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i publish 1 blog post daily but i am unable to connect more traffic for my website then some help me for getting high.
buy traffic :)
or get it organically, but this will take longer time & efforts
As you've said that you concentrate on SEO and Social, here are few pointers that might help ya,

Start with checking if your website is responsive and make sure your site loads fast! These two are some real turnouts for any user visiting your site.

Look into,
1. Attention to ON PAGE SEO
2. Targeting Long Tailed Keywords
3. Start Guest Blogging
4. Get super active on LinkedIN, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube
5. Update your blogs with fresh and unique content frequently
6. Use catchy headlines for the posts
If you want traffic then social media will surely help you. Try to build quality backlinks with high authority sites. Apart from this just look after your on page whether it is optimized or not. Pick some websites for posting as per your niche.
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