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How To Embed A Sales Graphic

Discussion in 'Marketplace Sellers' started by Zwielicht, Aug 21, 2018.

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    Aug 31, 2013
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    Let's say you've just received your sales graphic from your designer and you're ready to start your sales thread. So you go to the marketplace, create a new thread, click the preview button and... Oh no, your post looks like this!

    That's because you didn't correctly embed the image into your thread. So what went wrong here?

    Well, in order to embed an image into your post, you need to embed the image file into your post (the URL ending in .jpg, .png, etc), not the page the image is on.

    Using Imgur as an example, when you're done uploading your image, you'll be taken to an Imgur page with your image on it. You need to right-click on the image on this page and select 'copy link address' to get the actual image file URL.

    After that, go back to your thread and look at the post editor toolbar.

    Click on the image icon, paste the image file URL into it, and click "insert".

    If you did everything right, your image will show up in the post editor like this:

    If you didn't embed it correctly, you'll see a broken image link icon instead.
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