How to do Youtube Comment spam?

Infamous Nik

Nov 21, 2018

Recently i am getting comments from some channel like NSCMusic, Fortnitely, and some other. All they do is comment wanna be youtube friend, Keep going you will find success.

So I want to know how are they doing this? What bot are they using?

Seems like a one way ticket to get banned... I've reported 3 as spam on my channel today
boots are used for this I do not suggest


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They are using a private bot, public bots capable of this sort of stuff get patched very quickly.

Honestly unless you're after a quick cash grab and you know what you're doing I wouldn't bother, it's a dead cert ban.
could be custom coded. i wrote one a few years ago to promote a link in comments relevent to my niche.
it isn't all that complex as far as bots go. log into a gmail account...queue up a list of videos...start commenting. you can likely do something like that with selenium in under a day as a complete novice.
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