youtube comment blaster

  1. M

    YouTube Comment Blaster - Comment Spam

    Does anyone know a software/ script that works with Gmail cookies (only Gmail cookies, no Gmail accounts) to blast comments in YouTube videos? The script should also be able to like my comment.
  2. Infamous Nik

    How to do Youtube Comment spam?

    Hello, Recently i am getting comments from some channel like NSCMusic, Fortnitely, and some other. All they do is comment wanna be youtube friend, Keep going you will find success. So I want to know how are they doing this? What bot are they using? Thanks
  3. M

    Best Youtube Comment Tools 2019?

    Hi, Advance thanks to all. What is the best Youtube Comments Tools in 2019? it could be Software / Script / Bot / Web base service. waiting to hear from You.
  4. V

    Looking more faster Youtube bot comment blaster is bad now it can deliver only 1 comment in 3-5 sec looking for some more faster bot which can deliver 1 comment min in 1 sec please recommend me a more faster bot
  5. alienbaba

    Largest amount of spam YouTube comments on a video I've ever seen

    I was researching about bitcoins and came across this video. I clicked it due the unrealistic title and high number of views.. Just take a look at the comments and cry.. Whether you sort by Top comments or Newest comments it still the same.. It...
  6. K

    Youtube comment spamming help

    Hello, I have been doing research on YouTube video upload, traffic generation and YouTube commenting. The one that caught my attention is "YouTube commenting". I saw some videos, in the comment section of the video I saw comment with huge amount of likes and the comments have tons of comment...
  7. H

    YouTube Comment Blaster

    - Multi Threaded - Commenting (w/ Replies) & Rating - Pure HTTP Requests - Post Comments To Videos Post comments directly to videos to promote your offers or simulate activity. Smart Replies Reply to one of the top comments that will give you maximum visibility. Persistent Commenting The...
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