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Jul 15, 2012
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Discussion Here..

I get, I got, I getting repeated PM's..

Don't PM!
Public Discussion benefits other people to know "how to do Guest Blogging"

First things First : What is Guest blogging ?

Guest blogging is a method used by the owners of blogs to increase traffic to their sites. They offer to write content for other similar blogs in their industry as guest bloggers. In exchange, they receive a link to their own blog and an opportunity to promote their own name and blog in their chosen industry

Second : How to find guest blogs ?
Less Tension, I've already outreached a ready List of 1000+ blogs that accepts Guest posts.
Get it for FREE here

Third : How to approach bloggers for guest posting ?
I've emailed blogger, but no reply
I've emailed blogger & got reply - Can't deal with the price

So, What to do, How to do type of questions will be answered in this Thread from now on!!

I'm ready to Help you Guys Out regarding Guest blogging
Do you have template on outreach you can share, if this thread is move, please let us know where? I have never tried guest posting, my fear is no response. Please advise!
Do you have template on outreach you can share, if this thread is move, please let us know where? I have never tried guest posting, my fear is no response. Please advise!

Sure! The Main aim of this Thread is to Help members who have no idea "how to use List of blogs & get guest post published"

Guest posting on blogs is a Excellent way to build brand recognition, establish yourself as a expert in your field, and drive traffic to your website.

In this thread, I'll guide you step-by-step process of pitching a guest post to a blog.
You can use this technique for pitching to any blog in any niche.

  • Step 1 : Decide your Niche.

-- > Getting links on blogs that are totally irrelevant to your niche doesn't bring any targeted traffic!
-- > Getting links on relevant niche blogs bring you targeted traffic.

So the First Thing to consider - > Deciding your niche & Choosing your Niche blog

  • Step 2 : Choose Niche guest Blogs

Choosing blog is simple, if you have List of guest blogs (already).

There is no other way - You should have to check every site manually (whether blog is related to our industry or not)

  • Step 3 : Contact Guest bloggers

Contacting guest blogger is little time taking process.

There is no other way - you should have to email every blogger for guest posting via email or any other platforms

  • Step 4 : Create Unique article

Even if you never plan to write a guest post,
it's worth learning how to contact guest bloggers, How to outreach bloggers, how to make blogger to respond, etc etc..

1. Lay the Right Foundations :

You can find all kinds of excuses for not pitching a guest post. You don't have enough time. You're not sure your writing skills are up to scratch. It takes too much time to write a post when it might be rejected.

I agree, rejection is tough. If you send in a pitch and you get no response, that's going to hurt. But you can minimize the chances of rejection by getting your pitch right.

The key is in the preparation. If you lay the right foundations, you'll hit the jackpot more often than not. Instead of notching up rejections, you'll quickly find success, which will build your confidence and your writing portfolio.

What's more, if you pitch well, there's no need to write an article before you pitch. Far better to write articles after they've been commissioned by a blog editor, so you know they will be published.

Sample Emails : 2015




The above samples are OLD Method 2015, which i shared already here

As Netmoney said

Just some feedback...anytime I see subject lines like those = automatic delete. Anytime the email is littered with smiley faces = deleted. Those things make it look like you are trying way too hard.
Use short and to the point messages. And always end with asking them what you can do for them. Ending with that question helps to get a reply. Key: don't sound like 99.99% of the other people sending guest post emails. Site owners and bloggers aren't stupid...they can smell a GO request thirsty for a link a mile away. Be short. Be to the point. And ALWAYS end your email with a question...asking what you can do for them.

The Result :

"Don't Try Too Hard - Use short & point messages!"

Here're some examples of "short & point messages"


I came across your blog & i'm interested guest posting - Do you accept article, if i provide unique high quality article ?


I'm ____

I read some articles on your blog. Looks Good.
I've a website which is closely related to your niche.
Maybe do you accept guest post on your blog ?


I'm highly interested in your blog, reply me with price detail

looking forward to your positive response


Do you allow guest posts on your website, if my niche suits your readers ?

waiting for your positive reply!

"Hey there,
Do you guys accept contributors on your blog? I'd love to become a regular writer for you guys (not a one-off post). I'm looking to build my author portfolio.


Hi, I've noticed that you tweeted few of my articles at & so i wanted to reach you out & personally thank you for the support!

waiting for your reply

Good day,
I've checked your blog & i love how nice & clean it it

Do you accept guest posts ?


I went through your blog while surfing in Google, am very much impressed with your site unique information. Let me know you accept guest post ?

looking forward


I work as a content manager in many communities & love the opportunity to guest post for your readers. I'd like to give you unique article on any theme

I assure you that article will be published only on your blog.

The best part is i won't be charging you a penny & in turn all i need is just 1 link within article.


I saw guest post articles on your blog. If you guys are still accepting guest posts, i'd love the opportunity to write for you

Let me know,

These are just Samples.. Ideas..
Not necessary to use the same thing..,

This helps to Make your own short & pointed messages!

Some Important Key Points :

  • Write your own short & pointed messages based on the Blog..
Example :
if the guest blog is "Pet Niche" you use the word "i've a client in pet niche or i've pet website...

if you know guest blogger name is john, then use the name "hello john or Hi john or good day john

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This is great. Thank you for sharing. I just browsed thru this, will read in detail later.
Its great Pleasure - I should thank as well, since you're being the first one to ask question in this thread :)

This is great. Thank you for sharing. I just browsed thru this, will read in detail later.

I love appreciations, You know why ?

You've covered some great points, and I liked your short samples, perfect for even the toughest of customers!


Well, I appreciate your feedback and even though I can say I know things, yet I never turn away any knowledge I can gain, so please do share... and thanks again.
You spent a lot of time on this thread! Thank you.
Wow, good information and thanks for your valuable time to describe it
This is best generalized version on guest posting. Great for newbies who still buy sites from marketplaces at crazy prices :)
Can you share how to find sites for guest posting?

First, Understand the Nature of this Thread.
Second, Read second point. This thread is for "one who have master list of guest blogs already & one who doesn't know how to do with the List"

You have Part 1 List already & asked me for outreach template!

I took my time & answered to your question in detailed with 10+ Samples.
But your response to my effort is Less or Zero.

This is great. Thank you for sharing. I just browsed thru this, will read in detail later.

So, What ?
Have you read Later as you said ?
Have you started outreaching the blogs in the list ?
@back2form Do you use any tools such as buzzstream or pitchbox? i was considering using them but theyre too there anything better?

Moral : Self Education.
Okay, Straight to the Point! I was about to write answer for the question here
How do people get posts on Forbes and Huffington Post?

I had a quick Second thought.
As the Result of my Thought : back2form answers here..

This could be done in Three ways

  1. ) If You're the Contributor, you can write article & submit your own article..
  2. ) If you have Relationship with the Contributor, you can contact to publish your article.

If the above (1) & (2) not works for you, then
  • Buying from the Seller, who offer guest blogging service on Forbes, Huffington post.

1. How to become Contributor ? Read Guidelines Here

If your goal is to become a regular Forbes contributor, you can apply via Google Form.

In addition to your contact information,
you’ll also be asked for LinkedIn and Twitter profiles,
and ideas about what you want your page to be.
You’ll also need to link to examples of your writing and
Explain why you’re qualified to have the page you envision.

Now I became Contributor, Now What ?
Follow these Five Step by Step process :

Step One:
Identify the section you wish to write for.

Law / Attorney
Pet care
Home Improvement

Or? There's dozens of topics.
Pick one.

Step Two:
Write-up or go retrieve your best story. But make sure it's relevant to the beat you wish to write for. Want to write for the Taste section and wrote a really awesome food piece? Good! Go get that one handy. Make sure it's at least 1000 words. Something nice and meaty (see what I did there?).

Step Three:
find the appropriate editor for the section you wish to write for.

Step Four:
send out an email that details (briefly) who you are, why you're qualified to write about your given topic and of course, your best story. If you have original images that go with the story all the better. You've probably heard of AIDA (attention, interest, desire, action) format.

Demonstrate :

why you're qualified to write about the subject,
what makes your stories different,

Sum it up briefly and ultimately, you'll make it easy as pie for them to on board you because you'll be giving them all the information they need to make an informed decision.

Step Five: Package all of the above together into a concise email and send away!

If you don't hear back within a couple days, follow up one more time with something of value (i.e., "Just circling back around on the below. Also, here's another great story that I think the readers would love..." and send it.

If you don't hear back a second time it's best to search out another editor for that column or pursue a different column altogether.

The Fact :
Getting Contributor Access on Top Sites, Isn't That Easy!

The Reality :
This is what you get, after submitting :)

"We appreciate your interest in becoming a Forbes contributor.

Unfortunately, due to the high volume of contributor applications, we are unable to respond to each writer. If interested we will contact you with further details and information."

You will have to be wait be patiently like Months, Sometime years :) Therefore Number 2 Works Most of the Time.

2. Relationship With Forbes Contributors,

How to Contact contributor & how to make Relationship with them,

If you get list of contributors contact, you get in relationship with them. So "List" act as a Biggest Secret,

Okay, I'm breaking the secret 2% here..

I'm naming out one contributor for Best Example.
Josh Steimle, he has been working on forbes for long time.

As I mentioned.,

If the above (1) & (2) not works for you, then

    • Buying from the Seller, who offer guest blogging service on Forbes, Huffington post, etc

Note : Not all the Contributors write for every niches, So you will need to find contributor who writes on your Niche.
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