How to do Growth Hacking on an eBook (Amazon)

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    Hey guys!

    I am promoting a client's book that is available on Amazon. We already have 5* honest reviews, but we would like to Growth Hack this book. I have a few ideas that might work, but I would like to have your opinion! If you have any idea, even if you think its bad, no problem!

    So, the eBook is in fiction genre. It talks about someone who was poor and then became a millionaire. After drugs and girls, he lost everything. It's like an educational book inspired by real cases.

    What can I do:

    -I can get the book in top20 in the whole kindle store for about 10 days. (to 5 days into top5)
    -Huffingtonpost about the book (what to write to boost it?)

    My ideia was to get it into top20 and then write an article to Huffington post or Forbes about it. But I'm struggling with a nice headline and body.

    Any other ideas to growth hack this book? Crazy ideas are worth!!!

    (I don't know if its worth, but If there is a good idea here that I can use, I will pay for it)