How To Create Movie Landing page


Mar 4, 2015
im newbe on cpa network. and how to create landing page for movie offers,
and landing page connect to tmdb generate content. thanks friends, if you can help me:)
Teguh this the same Teguh from Wickedfire????????????
There tmdb scripts available to download.You better try that too.
@teggguh I know your eager to get started but it seems your jumping in over your head already, I was like you once. My advice is too some some time use the search here on BHW and read up on topics as much as you can. Also g00gle and youtube can be your best friend right now.
Check out some of these places: (Even if you don't understand the language you can get a idea what to do, considering you work with cpagrip.)

Good Luck.. :rock:
now i try with mtdb ultimate. but i need more example, and as a new member, i can give example the site. because link is blocked after 15 post
same problem bro... heheheheh...
i can put a free landing page then edit a lilttle this one http : //
but i need more then that..i wanna have a eye catching LP...
(actually i wanna make it by my self, but it'll need more time to practice :D)
Go dig through the downloads section and buy the updated version of a script if you have the desire to put up a site as free themes won't get you anywhere.
for my landing pages I throw up a simple weebly page with some pictures and info about the movie and then embed a youtube link. 15min tops
You can use mundothemes (dot) com , they have several movie themes for wordpress. They are so useful in my opinion.
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