landing page template

  1. M

    looking for Free Gift card Generator CPA templates

    Hi, looking for this Free Gift card Generator CPA templates if u have pls share.
  2. V

    Content Locking CPAgrip

    HI I recently started with CPAGRIP and i am searching for a video player template similar to i got a nice idea (I hope so) and which is time sensitive Here comes the problem i have enough budget for google ads but i cant afford to buy a landing page template can someone tell me...
  3. T

    How To Create Movie Landing page

    im newbe on cpa network. and how to create landing page for movie offers, and landing page connect to tmdb generate content. thanks friends, if you can help me:)
  4. RB1987

    Landing Page Mastery - Optimize, Convert, and Profit

    Get "Landing Page Mastery - Optimize, Convert, and Profit" Udemy course 100% free Here You will learn: The difference between a landing page, squeeze page, sales page and long form sales letter - plus when...
  5. D

    Free Landing Page Template - Proven Converting - HTML/CSS

    Hey all Just wanted to post my latest share with you all, a free landing page template that has proven conversion power. It was designed for use in the Health niche but can be used elsewhere given it's relatively generic design. This has been used in a live PPC Adwords campaign recently and...
  6. X

    Hey, how is it going?

    I should discover the power of IM long time ago. It has been only few month since I got into it. Now it scarry me how much information there is around. I am stucked in the front of any kind of study, day and night, to make sure I'll be shortly one of you. Congratulation for what you guys have...
  7. J

    WP Landing Page Templates

    Has anyone come across any good ones? I saw one called Elegantio but don't wanna drop $ on it especially since I don't know much about it. Has anyone modified an existing WP template to make it look like the typical landing page, or come across any good templates that are intended to be used as...
  8. Y

    Adwords Edge template any good?

    Hey guys, I read somewhere about the adwords edge template boosting qs in a big way. Has anyone used it and gotten lower bids / great quality scores as a result? Can anyone post an example of what it actualy looks like? If it's proven, I'd probably buy it, but I'd love to get some...
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