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    Hey there guys! The confirm button is definitely a pain in the ass for us doing likejacking. I have a website that receives an insane amount of traffic daily and sometimes I am able to get up to 10K likes daily before I get the confirmation button. The reason why they show us the confirm button is because they have a protection to avoid clickjacking. It usually triggers it when we start receiving a lot of likes from our websites in a short period of time. Below, I wrote 3 different ways you can bypass the confirm button:

    1- Disable the Clickjacking Plugin:

    This solution is pretty straight forward. Disable the plugin for a few hours and add a popup to your website with a legit Facebook Like box. Encourage the users to click, do something like "Like us for awesome Giveaways and Content". If your site has enough visitors, some people will eventually like and confirm naturally and the confirm button will go away in a couple of hours, depending on how much confirmations are you getting. If you don't have lots of traffic, check solution 2.

    2- Microworkers (Warning: This method does not work all the times, test at your own risk)

    Another /sometimes/ effective and quick way to bypass the confirm button is to hire workers to like and click the confirm button. This method requires investment, so you will need to burn at least $10 (minimum Microworkers deposit). Disable the likejacking plugin, signup and get familiar with microworkers. (Note that this method works with any crowdsourcing website, I personally like microworkers).
    Once you signup and deposit some money on Microworkers, you must create a job under the Facebook category. Assign at least 30 spots *** (See comments below) and ask the workers to head to your website (Add a legit Like box) and click the like button and also hit the confirm button. As proof, make sure you request the workers to submit a picture of the Like button liked and also a link to their profile.

    *** Regarding a number of workers to assign: This is very dynamic and will require you to test. Some websites require more workers and some less. I don't understand 100 % the algorithm. My theory is that it goes with how popular your site is and how many likes you have been getting. So, if you been jacking thousands per day successfully, you will need a lot of workers. In the other hand, if you are just jacking a few users, you will just need a few confirmations.

    3- Go Slow
    Decrease your % of visitors you likejack. You will get fewer likes but you will probably not have to worry about the confirm button.
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