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How does PPC infinity-info.com frauds people

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by 3volution, Mar 11, 2016.

  1. 3volution

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    Aug 5, 2013
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    Hello, I want to tell you a sad story, how does an indian Pay-per-click company infinity-info.com frauds people. I was working with this guys for about 3 month as a publisher. They made a first payment, and that is all. When I increased traffic, and asked for next payments, they started to tell me fairytales day by day. And for now my balance is 1329 dollars, that are actually stolen.

    First of all I asked them about the quality of my traffic. They were absolutely satisfied.
    They they wanted me to increase the traffic, but I did not want to do it before the first payment:
    So I was assured that "we have never delayed any payments of any of our partners as we always give priority to our publisher".

    Than there was a first payment, and I increase the traffic. The February 15 was coming (the day of next payment)... But we did not see the money. So on February 29 (after 2 weeks of delay) we have stopped the traffic.

    Then suddenly they wrote, that our payment was returned, and provided a letter from bank (as a plain text). So they promised to send money to PayPal on Monday: "Send me your paypal ID and first thing on Monday your payment will be released". I said than if I will not receive my money, I will have to write negative feedbacks on SEO forums.

    So I gave my PayPal ID, believing in this lie. They answered: "Thanks. I?ll update you once the payments are done from my end. "
    But here comes Monday, and they keep silence. I am writing myself, asking where are the money. And suddenly I receive an answer that it is a holiday and the banks are not working. (why you promise to make a payment on Monday, if you know that there will be a holiday. Aslo why they can not make a Pay-Pal transaction via Internet on holidays? A new rules? PayPal company is celebrating Indian holidays worldwide?)

    I was still asking for my money. And then here comes an EPIC shit from them: they will not give me the payment, because I stopped traffic, they lost some magic 3000 dollars because of me, I am the devil, and suddenly: the money were alredy debited and I should receive them (but 3 days ago they said that money were returned, and promised to pay on PayPal). And all the further is only bla bla bla, only empty promises and lie.


    Here is the proof, that we realy provided traffic:

    So guys, be careful, do not work with this company.

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