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    Hi All,

    For the past month i started playing around on instagram after reading for many peoples journey on BHW. Created an account which has now got 3333 followers and gets around 500 - 600 likes per post and was wondering is those results good for the amount of followers i have?

    for some strange reason yesterday one of my posts started getting a lot of likes now its on 1800 likes which i am amazed not sure how thats happened and from that i gained 300 more followers witin a day.

    how can i grow my account faster i use MP to post my pics but not to follow/unfollow since 6 of my accounts got banned by doing that on MP and 1 account that i had for 3 years got deleted which i had to fight to get it back.

    i follow and unfollow manually using my phone its a boring task but keeps my acount safe. i keep those who are active and unfollow those who have not liked a single pic.