instagram 1 million followers

  1. Z

    Instagram Follow like bot?

    Hi, Could anyone recommend a good Instagram follow/like bot that won't get my account banned?
  2. X

    repurposing old insta account VS creating new account?

    Hi guys, I have a old account with few followers and want to use it for a new biz venture. Should I use this old account? Or should I create a brand new account? and why?
  3. D

    Best site for reselling

    Hello , I want to know a site which you have been using personally for reselling instagram services ? Please recommend me what have you used And it would be a bonus If services are arab followers and comments and so on And it would be nice if the services is really really cheap like most of...
  4. F

    whats the best way to grow your instagram with real followers

    Hi, I am planning on using my personal insta account to do giveaways for all those who take part in my giveaways but finding it hard to reach people. my giveaways will be all trainers based so planning on giving away 5 trainers per week once and if my account reaches 100k legit followers so...
  5. Poop poopy

    [WTF HOW?!] This dude just commented 4 Million times on his own photo on Instagram!

    Okay y’all so here’s the scoop, this dude tagged over 4 Million People on his Instagram video INCLUDING ME & I guarantee he’ll be at 10 Million very soon if he keeps commenting at the pace he is. My question here is HOW in the hell is he passing the Instagram comment filter/ban since HE is the...
  6. summi

    How to manage 50+ Instagram account having 6 employee

    I am looking way to manage 50+ instagram accoun. Right now doing 18 account each employee manage 3 account. Till 1k followers working fine. After 1k followers each person facing issue i.e if one account have 1k followers other 2 account also get hold like unable to f/u, image uploading issue ...
  7. V

    Monetizing Indian based Instagram account

    So I've have a few Indian based Instagram accounts in the 'beautiful girls' niche with a total follower base of around 1M. I've been searching on the web to look out for appropriate ways to monetize the page but not being able to find a good way out. I would love to get suggestions for the same...
  8. RealDaddy

    [Superb Video] Mother - Child Instagram Growth Method

  9. R

    Hi Newbie here

    Hi newbie to BHW. I joined to learn more about social media marketing opportunities. Im excited to gain knowledge from this platform.
  10. micleclark

    How to Get Best Follow Back Ratio?

    Hay guys, I need a little bit recommendation from you. How to get higher follow back ratios from my sources. Please recommend which is best follow back ratio from [sources "follower" "Liker" or "Commenters"]. Sorry for my bad English:(
  11. micleclark

    Is it safe to follow private account?

    If i follow private account then i got a bit more click on my bio link. is it safe to follow private account?
  12. wsmanzoor

    Hurdles of Instagram - Mother/Child method, Accounts Creation, 4g Proxies, PVs solution

    Hello All, You can SKIP it! Who am I? I've been using BHW for years, may be from 2011-12, but never thought of signing up, because at BHW without logging in, you can read the threads, and I was really lazy to signup, but don't know why I have signed up for many shitty forums and have been...
  13. micleclark

    IPv6 Recommendation for Instagram

    Guys recommends me best IPv6 for instagram. Basically i want to use it for my browser to handle multiple account estimate 3-5 account. So, please recommend from your experience. Thanks
  14. R

    2k comments daily

    Hello! I would love to have you help me . i need someone with an experienced bot network, to comment on Instagram posts for me . i want them to comment on specific hashtags saying what we want then to say. We need 2000 comments put down every day. i will pay 7 to 10 $ daily. This requires a...
  15. I

    Followers on Instagram

    Hello Everyone! How can I bring many followers to my instagram account? I want to open a dropshipping site and I would like to start with at least 8 / 10k of followers. Can someone help me with some tips? (no matter if they are fake followers)
  16. black yeezy

    How to gain real or high engagement followers on Ins?

    Hey guys, happy new year to everyone(maybe it's a little late :) These days, I have been working on an Ins account which was established two weeks ago. For this account, we want to gain followers by posting beautiful pictures, so that we can promote our products in the future. And I have also...
  17. S

    Hello everyone , me instagram accept requestor

    Hello everyone , I am developer from a big country but small area .Have always put my efforts in solving problems of social platform because solving problem gets money.
  18. Tatu kh

    Starting a IG Page Adult Niche. Got Only 15 Follower

    Hello BHW Just started an instagram page adult niche yesterday. I post 5 post already and only got 15 followers. I want all followers to be organic no bot. Can yoy guys suggest me some guide and tip on how to grow manually. I read a lot on how to grow but It is not working
  19. Tatu kh

    I want to buy Instagram Account with Real Follower In Fashion Niche

    Hello, BHW I want to buy Instagram Account with real organic follower in girl fashion niche I want to buy account 3 or 4 InsataIns account
  20. Tatu kh

    Anyone here who can grow my Instagram Account

    I have a Instagram account it has about 300 follower each. I get the follower from follow and follow back. Is there anyone who can help me with this. I can hire you too