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    I am looking for an expert coder that can create an amazon.com software for me.

    You will need to be a USA citizen or Australia citizen and sign an "Assignment of Intellectual Property" and "Non-Disclosure Agreement". Both documents will need to be signed before we start working together.

    Basically the software will need to be able to:

    1. The software will not run on a single device but multiple RDP's depending on the workload. You will be in charge of setting up the RDPs and will have full access to manage them, as will we.

    2. The software will run from home IP's and the mac address will be automatically renewed for every account that the bot will log in to. No 2 accounts can be tied to the same mac ID (computer), each account needs to look like its operating through a "new dedicated computer"

    3. You will create a site where we can upload proxies, new accounts, and change settings on the software's actions for specific accounts (Which accounts should take what actions and when).

    4. The website will also show us all the accounts and the log of the actions each account has taken thus far.

    5. The software will log into different amazon buyer accounts. 500 amazon buyer accounts to start, and this will scale.

    6. These accounts once logged in will take simple actions on amazon.com, You will need to program around 5 different actions, very easy simple actions nothing crazy. Such as: Search + click + engage etc.

    7. All actions must appear to be human in nature. The software must be programmed to interact on the website as a human would. It can not just run the same exact spot to click for every account, it must be a bit different. Example: So if it clicks the search button, or the product listing, it must click it in different spots every time.

    8. You will manage the RDPs and make sure everything continues to run smoothly, for a monthly maintenance fee charge of course. If updates are required, a nominal update fee for your time will be agreed upon and paid.

    An NDA and AIP will need to be signed before we reveal any more information about the project but I feel with this information you have a perfect idea of what we need and the effort it will take to do so. We are not looking for the cheapest bid, we are looking for the best and most qualified fit for a long term relationship.