High Risk Merchant Accounts - 90 Days Started

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    Hello Black-hatters,

    I am looking for a high risk merchant account for various business's - I should say multiples of as i'll be dame if i'm going to expose myself to one payment source.

    We sell cream's, diet pills, colon cleanse pills etc - Everything we sell has FDA approval etc but the issue for most merchant account here in Australia is our payment model.

    We do the typical trial offerings with a auto ship back end - $4.95 upfront for 14 day trial then charge $89.95 then re-bill and send out each month the same item until the client ops out.

    If this is something you can facilitate can you please add me on skype (found in my profile) or send me a PM - we have various new product lines we will be rolling out over the next 90 days.

    Its been great to finally action this method inspired by ********** back in the day.... some of you may have remembered this membership (cheers to Rob and the crew)

    Also keen to speak to any/ all people who have introduced similar offers to networks to harness affiliate networks.