merchant account

  1. survivorghost

    I will rent your Stripe or [Long term]

    Hi guys. I use email and sms marketing to contact my list of donors, I have a list of millions of donors. and they come and donate on my website. But my problem is with payment processor, they closed my account because I don't have a business or a charity to accept donations. If you have a...
  2. survivorghost

    Payment processor for donations

    Hi guys, I need a payment processor (gateway) that allows me to accept donations even if I am not a charity or a nonprofit. just a normal LLC company. nothing like stripe, authorize, 2checkout and most of the know ones I tried alredy. Any suggestions please?

    Merchant account needed for nutra vertical.

    I am looking for a merchant account for nutra vertical order processing thru virtual terminal. We can create a website as well if needed. Product is male enhancers and male enlargement. Geo is USA.

    Payment Gateway Suggestion Needed.

    Hello All, I am looking for payment gateway providers for male enhancement products or nutra related industry. Expecting seamless transaction with all types of credit and debit cards and faster settlements.
  5. superaff1984

    Seeking ISO to Partner With For High Risk Merchant Offers

    We are seeking a good company to work with in the processing industry. Right now we are working with 1 provider with a 50/50 split. We are looking for a good partner that can support the following: Can accept high risk offers free trials, cbd, nutra, and adult webcams. A portal we can log...
  6. combe

    Multiple Cards With Low Balance (1-2$) For Chargeback Rate

    Hello I'm doing Ecommerce and I heard from someone that there is a method for lowering your chargeback rate. The method would be: Get multiple (100-1000) debit cards with low balances on them and make a purchase on your website, the fake purchases will be mixed up with your real ones and the...
  7. CryHeart

    Should I buy merchant account, payment gateway account?

    Hi Blackhatworld member, I'm having struggle to register a good merchant account, that because I'm live in Southeast Asia, and my customer base US and EU mostly. My business is about SMM service, which most processors won't accept. So I registered a UK company and try to find some good...
  8. L

    gmc misrepresentation issue

    Hello how to solve this misrepresentation issue i did alot of changes in website still i am getting this same problem please can some one help me in solving this problem Thank You
  9. KT240

    Merchant Account for processing prepaid cards

    Does anyone know a less strict merchant account provider/payment processor that will happily process prepaid gift cards without any issues? I tried Stripe, got underwriting review approved, processed a bunch of orders, got payouts, then got shutdown for attempting to use a bad card too many...
  10. U

    How to get new merchant/ adwords account after a suspension?

    Hi everyone, so my merchant centre account was suspended about 4 months ago during its initial review and remains so to this day for misrepresentation and after Hiring a consultant to help me find the problem it seems like I am unlucky and google is mistaking me for another website or someone...
  11. TomTheCat

    Are bank employees experienced?

    Let me share a funny experience with you people. Someone in my family wants to sell digital products, a few ebooks in a very small/small niche. I've made the website, custom made, no CMS and all that shit. Today my family member went to a local bank branch where he has an account opened, to...
  12. imonboss

    Bing aka Microsoft Shopping Ads - Are you running this?

    I had a good run with Google Shopping couple of months ago and made around $12,000 in pure profit. And then...... They have updated their Google Merchant Center Policy and bam! all my cpa sites got disapproved eventually led to full account suspended. And that was not me only as I have seen...
  13. ThisDream

    ✔ STEALTH STRIPE ACCOUNTS with Banking Solution Attached ✔

    Skype live:.cid.f3a45fff668085d5 Telegram @thisdreamstripe Jabber(OTR) [email protected]
  14. Greg Simpson

    Looking for Best Payment Options.

    Hi, I am looking for the best Payment option to collect business payments from my customers. Please help me to guide the options...
  15. Zed Instruments

    Looking for a MERCHANT SERVICE

    So, i'm looking for a merchant service for my business. We do low ticket, $10-30 per item, and i've been using Stripe, but i've been going through HELL with them. I get shut down BEFORE any chargebacks, I've been pulling my hair out. Does anyone recommend a good merchant, or potentially a...
  16. Determined Diva

    No articles of incorporation yet.

    Hello everyone It's been a while since I have stepped into the flora and fauna of this wonderful forum :) I had a quick question about merchant processing. I have recently registered my company as a LLC and awaiting the articles of incorporation. Is there any merchant processor that will grant...

    Help! Please. Merchant Account.

    Apologies in advance if i posted this on wrong forum. Can any of you guys suggest me?The best merchant account companies for online pharmacy website that pays on time without bull$hitting.
  18. M

    what merchant payment gateway /processors u using for your ig site

    Hey i see some of you aren't using paypal or stripe as your payment gateway for your instagram sites what are some good merchants and payment gateways i can use with easy approval ? im in the US and i see some people are using NMI payment gateway thanks for your time .

    Paypal Problem Pals

    Hello everyone again. Respected memebers of bhw. Please tell me similar merchant companies like paypal, not complicated, easy to use and easy to create an account and can receive payments from u.s.
  20. T

    Looking for high-risk merchant account for online replica business

    HI Guys i am looking for replica business processor, i know its not easy this days, the business is old and hes nice turnover Any information is much appreciated! Looking forward to hear from you and thanks in advance!
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