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    i am keep paying $300 every month to adwords PPC and i dont make well pleasing money on my business.
    i am using [] for exact keywords about 200 and maybe 10 to 20 keywords are working for it..

    i am a labels printer and marketing at CANADA.

    i would like you guy to suggest me best SEO company that help my website rank up with few keywords.
    i found some SEO company offer less than $300 for lot of traffics to my web but i wonder it will help to rank my site..

    my site is not showing anywhere in google at organic pages. my company name is stickerapt

    i dont know what else i have to do for my business marketing now.
    i dont want to pay few hundred dollars every month to adwords..

    please give me any advice..

    and can any one have some code to provide adword coupons?
    i have used 100 and 75 but not 65 yet..
    so.. if any one can provide me a 65dollar coupon codes it will be very appreciate..

    i am sorry for my poor english..

    Thank you for reading..
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    I can help you by recommending someone from odesk that does SEO for, I would say, cheap prices. PM if you are interested.
    For your business you can also use social networks like facebook to promote your business and email marketing. For email marketing try to give people some free stuff in order to be friendly with them and from time to time you may send them some offer they could buy.