google adwords

  1. Mr. Smith2000

    Need Help with Google Ads (Adwords) Campaign - Copyright Content Issue

    Hello everyone, I'm relatively new to the world of IPTV, and I'm currently facing a challenge with launching a Google Ads (Adwords) campaign for my website. The primary issue I'm encountering is related to copyright content, despite my efforts to exclude certain keywords that may suggest the...
  2. levon2023

    I Need Google Adwords Expert

    Hello I need a Google Adwords Expert with significant experience in Google Adwords. I need to be trained and ask my questions regarding Google AdWords. I will pay for the coaching. Thank you Regards
  3. D

    Stay Ahead: Protect Your Google Ads Account with This Cloaker! Over the years, I’ve devoted significant time and effort to perfecting my cloaker service. My extensive experience with Forex ads led me to create a personalized cloaker, especially after witnessing many other services fall short. I’ve invested substantially, sifting...
  4. Loklush

    Looking for someone have experience in running blackhat offers in Google AdWords

    I am looking for someone who has experience in running blackhat offers in Google AdWords, specifically in the pharmaceuticals niche. Skills and Experience: - Extensive knowledge and experience in running blackhat offers in Google AdWords - Familiarity with the pharmaceuticals industry and...
  5. KoreaADS

    ✈️Buy a ready-to-use Google Adwords Threshold account ($350 = €300). Sites that ship immediately ✈️

    For those of you who advertise on Google, we are selling an active threshold account at a low price. Price for 1acc : 80$ (First purchase 1 acc = 64$) This is a purchase site that automatically ships immediately. Buy a Google AdWords Threshold account from our convenient instant delivery...
  6. ketwild

    Need help from a Google Ads expert relating excluded Location issue

    My Google Ads client who services the London area, sometimes gets calls from outside of London such as Glasgow, Birmingham etc. I have excluded these locations in the location tab of the Campaign. But my client still gets calls from outside of London and some very far away even tho we have...
  7. harrymalay229

    ★★★Looking for Google Ads and Tiktok Ads EXPERT★★★

    I want to work with you who are able to run Google Ads and Tiktok Ads with the niche: Gambling, Country: Indonesia If interested please contact the contact below Telegram: Skype: live:.cid.b620197c62ded17b
  8. Loklush

    Anyone using google adwords optimization 3rd party service ?

    I want to know if anyone uses Google AdWords AI optimization service. If yes then so far what's your experience for search ads
  9. R

    Promote Telegram channel through Google ads

    Hello I want to run telegram channel through Google ads and I created campaign and it was working perfectly yesterday I got 60 members in 1$ but today I wake-up and checked analytics and saw it spent 15$ today and just 5 members and it spending more then my daily budget Don't know why it...
  10. S

    Need Adwords Services

    Hello, i'm looking for someone to run google ads for me. Niche : online gambling Geo : Indonesia You need to have experience to run this kind of ads, you have to provide google ads account and refill services. Looking for long term services, please pm me your experience and charges. Thanks!
  11. L4rse

    Aged Google Ads Account, With Spend History Starting from $100 up till $150k

    My Contact Telegram: @LHF33 Comment down below for a 10% Discount. All accounts are from AD agency.
  12. Adwords Shop

    Store of Google Ads Trust Accounts on which money was spent

    To contact us: Skype : live:.cid.379d274bb9fbe852
  13. Gravitylab

    [HAF] freelance Web developer on monthly basis

    My another post. I want to hire a freelancer who is kind of a experienced web developer, knows how to scrape and download small sites, I will need about 10 sites in a week. Payment will be 400-500$ monthly. With some upfront after a week of work. The sites can be small 2-4 pages, with pages...
  14. Gravitylab

    [HAF]website dev required with daily payments.

    Looking to hire a website developer who can make 2-3 websites daily for me, It can be like landing page, you can also scrape edit and provide me. I will provide domain- hosting. Daily-weekly payments for job. Give me a better qoute so that i can work with you longer. People with knowledge of...
  15. Spectra2000

    Need help to find some VCC provider for google ads threshold accounts

    Hello everyone, i am a new member, and i have a 1-year background in CPA, this past year i tried so many things, but the ones that got my interest most are ads, i tried google ads before using my debit card, and i got $50 threshold which i never paid, during this experiment i got not even a...
  16. vivek raj

    Want someone who can run tracking templet

    Have Multiple Google Adwords Accounts. I want someone who can convert my account into a tracking templet account with URL shorteners link. If Anyone knows the latest working technique. I am willing to pay or share profit.
  17. GoogleSeller

    Google Ads accounts RU/EU with spendings 100$ - 150,000$

    Hello, dear friend! We have over a hundred old accounts Google Ads every month What you receive: Geo: RU/EU Payment: Prepayment only Not a threshold! - I issue access to your MCC, or issue an admin to your mail. - You can preview your account through guest access - lf an account is blocked...
  18. NimaZeynali

    Google not showing my ads? after a day...

    hi all Yesterday Today No errors or disapprovement
  19. mintrocket

    [Journey] $1000 per month profit through Google Ads

    This is an experiment and mostly for learning purposes. My goal is to find out how and make a regular income of $1K pure profit each month through Google Ads and optimize them for minimum investment. The target I have set to achieve this goal is 2 months. I know this is a very small goal for...
  20. L

    how to earn from google adwords

    If i have 5000$ in my adwords account which website is good for it to earn some money from adword views ?
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