Hi all, newly joined BHW

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Nov 25, 2013
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MadgicD here,

Here for JV, sharing new ideas and making money.

Deep knowledge into mobile marketing world.

Hit me up on Skype or PM me.

Welcome brother. What type of mobile are you into?
mobile marketing / affiliate . Looking to learn more about BH world and hints to improve $$.

Good contacts into most biggest and mid-size mobile ad networks out there.

PM if you have any thing you would like to discuss.
Welcome MadgicD. I'm new here too. Definitely a lot of experts and great info to learn here.
Welcome to BHW! You've made a great choice and you can learn a lot of great things here and can meet some great people. Good luck with your JV and I look forward to seeing you around the forum. :)

Welcome to BHW, try to stop encouraging people to Skype with you so soon.
In my opinion it doesn't look good.
Give it some time and contribute to the forum and you will make more than enough contacts.
Good Luck
Not open for further replies.
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