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    My friend and I (both 16) run a DJ business in central NJ. We have all the necessary equipment i.e. 4 speakers, subwoofer, professional mixer, thousands of songs, intelligent light system etc... We have already done several school events, sweet 16's, house parties, sporting events and birthday parties. Our website is barely set up and we have a facebook page with some likes from our town and purchased likes. What could we do as far as online and offline marketing to get some more gigs in our area. I'm new to IM but I'm getting the hang of it. I figured we could submit ourselves to a few entertainment directories, stay active on music sites like soundcloud and soundclick, keep video logs of events, snail mail local businesses to explain the benefits of hosting community events and possibly starting online promotions. Is there anything else we could do to boost our visibility mainly with teens because we specialize in sweet 16's? Also, as far as our web site and social networking pages. What should we include or do to them so we can drive converting traffic? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

    Thanks in advance!
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    Place ads on craigslist and other free classifieds or local newspapers. Also drive to every local school in the area and post or handout flyers specially during holidays or school events (spring break, prom etc).
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    TEXAS (you have to yell, its the law.)
    SEO, done correctly, will bring in customers.

    Also, Offer to give free gigs at roller rinks (if they even exist anymore) and entertainment centers, the ones that have an arcade, bowling alley, and such all in one building. Get permission from the city and put on a couple of free park concerts, publicize these thru local radio stations. If there is some local news event, say someone who needs benefit, see if you can offer your services to the organizers.

    Create a flyer and take it to local party supply houses and see if you can leave them there. Ditto with some small posters. Try head shops, t-shirt shops, and malls.

    If a mall will let you put on a free gig, try one in their mall.

    Call the local fire houses, volunteer ones, and ask if they have a fundraiser, if they do, offer a free gig. Other organizations in your area may work too, Rotary, lions club, Jaycees, scouts, booster clubs for high school bands, pep squads, and such.

    Participate in any street parties you can find, and art festivals.

    Look online for young peoples forums, and DJ forums and become active on them, too

    These freebies will expose you to many people who may need a DJ in the future.
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    I'm in NJ and we just booked a DJ for my daughter. My advice:

    1. Get you site ranking for terms like DJ New Jersey and DJ New Jersey Sweet 16
    2. Get in with some of the big booking companies like EBE - they take a cut, but have huge credibility
    3. Kick butt at your gigs - those girls all reference each other and if one has a great DJ the others are going to want the same one!
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    Craigslist, facebook definitely. Go ahead and place yourself on as many local review sites like Yelp as well.