[ Help ] Warming up email server for bulk email verifications


Dec 12, 2016
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hey guys,

Recently I built an email verifier tool https://emailverifier.cottps://emailverifier.co

The tool is near accurate so far and good at verifying emails at low volume. Although after a lot of research and looking at mature verifying tools out there, I got to know I would need to warm up email server IP + Domain for a good reputation and slowly increase the number of verifications.

I have a few questions here and would need help from any of BHW expert with email domain.

1) Do I need a double opted-in the list to make sure I get the higher open rate, which can help to build the good reputation?
2) I am using postix as of now, Would you recommend any GUI tool for warming up or just PHP sendmail can do the job?
3) Do the emails I am sending to, needs to be distributed around most popular webmails like Gmail, AOL, yahoo?
4) What type of content and content type you suggest while warming up, for example, I got to know having something serious on the informal topic would help without links into it, to get the higher open rate.

Would appreciate the help :)
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