email verification

  1. gamball

    Saas vs software: email verification tool

    I have a script that can verify unlimited emails, I tested it and compared results with paid email verifiers and results were 99% accurate. I'm torn between starting a Saas or building a software what do u think is best?
  2. goodbye tobey

    Email validation service : Saas or telegram bot ?

    I have the tools to verify unlimited amount of emails and I want to monetize this service , should I invest my time in building a Saas or is a telegram bot a good idea? what would you chose ?
  3. Abolish

    How to Book 5+ Meetings a Day With This Cold Email System (750+ emails weekly)

    How to Build a Cold Email System that Books Meetings in 54 Easy-Peasy Steps: Procure 25 fancy secondary domains. Hustle over to set up a Google Workspace account. Bring to life 50 users in Google workspace (because two's company for every domain). Spruce up every domain's DNS settings with...
  4. Abhi Shah

    [Giveaway] 1M email verification for free.

    I got the special offer code of Where I will be able to get 1M free email verification credits on each account. If anyone is interested, let me know. I will create a new account and share the credentials of with you. Listclean is fully equipped email verification...
  5. M9MMM

    I want to buy SMTP proxy socks5 with an unlocked port 587 to verify emails

    Would you recommend any company that sells proxy socks5 support SMTP connections? I don't want to send emails, I want to connect to the SMTP server, start a typical communication: HELO, MAIL RCTP and end on RCPT and disconnect. Port 25 is usually used to forward mail between two SMTP servers, to...
  6. Eglobalmoguls - / Wappalyzer Alternative - Technology Tracking and Reports,Email Verification, Zonefiles - Free Plan

    Pricing information Free Forever plan - $0/month (No credit card/payment info needed) Premium Plan - $11/month || $116/year All users signing up for paid plans will be grandfathered in at current pricing. Contact Information and Support [email protected] || PM through BHW. Refund Policy We...
  7. Iamdrseo

    0.0006$ Per Email Verification, Take Your Cold Emailing To The Next Level!

    Email list Cleaning and Verification with us is a lot more affordable now. EMAIL VERIFICATION SERVICE COST 100,000 EMAILS ZERO BOUNCE $275 BRITEVERIFY $1000 WHAT WE ARE OFFERING: $60 Take Your Cold Emailing To The Next Level! Your list could be riddled with fake and low-value...
  8. speedie

    $0.0009 per Email Verification ❤️ ESPs Kiss

    Refund Policy: due to API costs, we cannot entertain refunds once we complete the cleaning process. _______ For inquiries, contact: [email protected] Skype:
  9. L

    Email Verification Requirement

    Hi all. - I currently have an website thats can verify email address real or not. - And i perform smtp check to smtp server Using command HELO, MAIL,RCPT TO, QUIT But spamhaus notice me as a spam bot. - My question is : What requirement do i need to take to identify myself as an owner of my...
  10. L

    Getting blacklist when try to do check if email can deliver

    Hi all. My website is running a verify email to query smtp server the perform these command Note : the mail from {myemail}@mydomain is not real and my server dont have spf and dkim yet HELO mydomain MAIL FROM: <mymail@mydomain> RCPT TO: <[email protected]> QUIT After running these...
  11. L

    php script to check email exists for or

    Hi all. Im currently develop a php script to check if email exists for email provider like or But when im try to disguise as a browser i still get error 500 from them. This is the code // first time access $header[] = "accept...
  12. L

    Bulk email verification using ping to smtp but keep getting blacklist

    I'm currently create a email verifier. And have gone through a lot of step but stuck on this last step - Deep-level extended SMTP verifications on each email address I have encounter problem with the last step is to perfom SMTP verifications. - I try to check for mx record of that domain.Then...
  13. kaushik1996

    How accurate are email-validation services?

    There are various email validation services available in the market. If you want to choose the best email verification service in terms of accuracy, your email validation service must pass through the following checkpoints. So, you can get a better idea to choose the best one. - Email address...
  14. flashsites

    Email Verification Software

    Im looking for accurate email verification software. Does anyone have any ideas? Or even know what steps are needed, if I would have a developer make it?
  15. flashsites

    Email verification: More Trash from Scrapebox

    Has anyone gotten the email verification part of the premium email plugin, to work? I'm starting to see a pattern with Scrapebox plugins making promises and heavily under-delivering. I've made several attempts with proxies, and different ports with the same result. Either everything, including...
  16. P

    Bulk Email Verification

    Hey, there I am searching for some good bulk email verification. The price of the verifaction is the most important part. I need to verification like 40K email a day. If you know some good site please help me.
  17. flashsites

    Mail RU restorer

    Hi is there a bot to restore Mail.rus? I have thousands that get hit with the captcha. I cant use them until the captcha is solved. Is it worth it?
  18. Doctor Strange

    Quick Help for Email Verification

    Mail(dot)ru email isn't receiving Instagram email verification codes. I can't find any mail from Instagram in the inbox. Am I missing something? Where to get the code in Mail(dot)ru?
  19. Brickbat1

    MyIgramCreator | Instagram Account Creator | Personal 4G Proxy | EV,PV | Upload Photos|ip Switcher

    Its all in there! Everything you ever wanted in an Instagram Account Creator to make high quality fit for purpose accounts ! Contact: Skype: ose.ebhohimen Email: [email protected] Website:
  20. KJREDDY247@

    Cheapest Email Validation Service

    Can you guys suggest me the cheapest email service that's available right now?, which one are you guys using for scraped emails for cold emailing? any free alternatives or cracked softwares source ? Your suggestions will be highly appreciated, Not for sending only for validation of lists in bulk
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