[HELP] Suggestions needed for my Instagram bot journey

Discussion in 'Instagram' started by Y M C M B, Apr 14, 2017.

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    Hello everyone, noob here,
    I've been reading up here for quite a while and have an idea on how to start my Instagram journey.
    I have plans to bot 100 accounts, for those, I am making the accounts with this method, phone verifying and email verifying them right away.
    The accounts will be fresh, I have thought of the following settings to run them on-

    Week 1 -
    • Post 3-4 photos
    • Follow 100-150 people
    • Like 10-20 photos
    • Comment on 2-3 photos
    • No unfollows

    Week 2 to 4 -
    • Post 1-2 photos from now on
    • Post 1 or no story from now on
    • Follow 200-300 people
    • Unfollow 100-150
    • Like 50-100 photos
    • Comment on 5-10 photos

    Week 5 onwards -
    • Follow 300-400 people
    • Unfollow 200-250 people
    • Like 150-200 photos
    • Comment on 10-15 photos
    I will be using one proxy per account, with good delays in between each action. I'll be using spintax format for comments and caption text, and won't be uploading the same photo twice. I've changed the md5sum of all the photos I'm planning to use. What are your thoughts on this? Is there risk of getting banned with these settings or should I ease them up even more?