bot accounts

  1. T

    Multilogin for webcam

    Hi all! Maybe I'm wrong topic, if you direct me, I will be grateful! Please tell me if there are such services now freely available that could work according to the following terms of reference. (Sorry in advance for mistakes, it's not my native language :) ) Work with 100 logins at the same...
  2. wantviews

    Why? Just Why?

    This is what happens under many Affiliate threads. Why do they do that?
  3. D

    Searching for a programmer that can create a liking-bot-system (Only need comment likes on TikTok/ IG/ YT)

    Instead of buying from SMM Panels repeatedly, I would rather pay a programmer to create my own liking -bot-system. Almost like a mini SMM Panel, but for my personal use. The purpose of this is so I can get comment upvotes on platforms like TikTok, Instagram and Youtube. Would this be difficult...
  4. P

    New here

    Hello, I’m new here My name is plzhelpme As I will try to help you as well. Some call me top g but I describe myself as a digital marketer that is looking for top talent and great reads. As of now I’m looking for a dev that can help me create a software/bot to send 1-2M dms a day on instagram...
  5. Iqbroly

    Seperate firefox profiles for each bot account

    I am learning about controlling social media accounts/bots using python and http requests and multi-threading all the accounts. I want human behaviour for these accounts to protect from bans. I will use free/affordable proxies. I need help on how it is done. - Do I need to create separate...
  6. L

    Bulk TikTok and other social media accounts

    I’m launching a project in the next few months and need to run 100s of social media accounts to get content out who would know how to do this?
  7. noellarkin

    Bots - Behavioural and Feature Detection

    Some observations on how anti-bot systems seem to be evolving. I'm only going to talk about browser automation based bots on desktop computers, I have almost no experience with HTTP request bots or mobile automation. - Behavioural detection Bot actions are our main achilles heel, bots are often...
  8. noellarkin

    Simple No-Code Bots and Automation for Beginners

    I'm far from an expert on botting, but I've been working on my skillset for close to a year now, and am reasonably proficient when it comes to scaling to a couple thousand bots, using JS based browser automation, and distributing botting operations across multiple computers. I'm still pretty...
  9. noellarkin

    Site Account Creation and being 'grandfathered in'

    For those of you who are seasoned botters, of course botting and account creation has been getting more and more expensive over time, whether it's the cost of proxies or recaptcha solving when you start botting a site do you try to make as many accounts as possible as early as...
  10. WhiteHatCoder

    [GET] Custom Made Bots, Automation Tools, Chrome Extensions, and other Coding Related tasks

    CONTACT ======================== Email: [email protected] Telegram: Skype: Username: WhiteHat Coder SkypeId: live:.cid.e9cc74a3b7f64180 Invite Link: Note: ======================== For some things, I may be...
  11. T

    Made an email varified reddit bot farm. Not sure what to do with it now...

    So for the last year ive been making a reddit bot farm that are email verified. They also farm post karma. Eventually i might sell upvotes or accounts but for now i am wondering what to do with it. I tried the Q and A method posted reletivly recently but that has major problems in 2021, namely...
  12. J

    Amazon upvotes bot

    Hi, I'm looking for an Amazon upvote bot with these features: - bulk account creator - view and add to wish list, gift list - upvote comments, reviews
  13. funda_mental_lisp

    Question for those running streaming bots

    What's the best strategy for paying for multiple premium accounts (as in 20+) while also trying to minimize Spotify/Apple/etc from detecting you are running multiple accounts by tying it back to how you pay for them? Obviously, using the same Credit Card or Paypal account for multiple accounts...
  14. M

    Bot for mass account creation and page clicks on popular site

    I'm looking for a bot or (clickfarm service) to make to create thousands of accounts that can click and favorite pages of the site. Details to be discussed in private. Please be reasonable in budget.
  15. RueRoisCapo

    Mass account creator: HELP!

    Are there any good ones out there in 2020? Also what is the approach regarding SMS verification?
  16. Y

    Instagram Multi Account Mention Tool

    Hey, I need a private api bot where I can add multiple instagram accounts (user:pass:proxyip:port:), scrape the usernames from a specific page, and target a post url and have the bots tag the scraped users. There is a tool I've tried that's a bit buggy, so if someone can create this I'm will to...
  17. H

    Who can build me a special Pinterest Bot?

    Iam looking for a programmer who can build me a bot for automatically pin and repin on multiple accounts, creating accounts. Goal is to build up a Profil and Follower pyramide for pushing pins / repins. Bot needs to buidl mutilple accounts, automated follow main account and automated repin the...
  18. V


    Want to buy bots Or hire someone who makes their own bots
  19. J

    Instagram comment likes

    Does anyone know where the Instagram bot accounts in the comment sections of popular accounts like Worldstar get their comment likes from? I've tried but it only gives 200 and i can never find my comment.
  20. HustleTong

    Growing IG accounts

    So, guys, I've been lately trying to figure out whole IG thing. I'm not used to IG bots nor proxies etc.. which are prerequisites for thriving growth and to manage all of them at once. How many IG accs could be created using the same IP? How does bots like jarvee work for simultaneous access to...