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HELP! Review website getting 500 views a month - IDEAS ARE WELCOME

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by julianthr, Sep 21, 2015.

  1. julianthr

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    Mar 16, 2015
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    Hi guys! This is my second thread. First thread was about my journey using method described by Adrian112, which is still working for me (Porn videos) but unfortunately I had a bad discussion with another user in the thread who was misleading new users who wanted to try the method by telling them it was not possible to do what I was doing (in more than 5 comments). The usual stuff. But at that time I got so mad because I myself am a newbie, and I know that a comment like that can easily make a lazy new member say "f** it .. this doesn't work".

    But I learned my lesson on how to behave in threads :)

    Anyways.. Im here to see if anyone can give me some guide about what to do with this:

    In march I started a website specially made for this great method described by MEATHEAD1234
    THREAD: http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackhat-seo/making-money/359445-easy-100-day-perfect-noobs.html

    To make it short, thread is about:
    1. Built a website
    2. Place a few reviews about products (or wathever)
    3. Get traffic by placing comments in recent posts in blogs and news site about your niche (using google's search tools)

    So its a method that doesn't need SEO.

    I started the website. I wrote 4 reviews for Clickbank's products and started to spread the word.
    I got my first sale in my first week. I don't know how.. because the reviews that I wrote SUCKED!!! haha

    I spend a lot of time leaving comments from Social Networks to News Websites, but the reviews weren't good at all!

    I made another mistake too.
    Because I wanted short term results I started to change the website.. I must have changed it like 3 times in a week .. (what an idiot)
    Didn't even gave it time! So the thing is that I started to get bored. Erase a few reviews.. placed new ones.. erase those new ones.. Placed physical products.. you get it.. I was trying EVERYTHING!!

    Even so.. I sold a couple of products. I even sold a couple of pills! So at one time the website only had 1 post.. and it was about those pills .. lol .. and I sold a couple. Man Im thinking now why I didn't save all those posts! I just kept erasing them and writing new ones. What a waste of work.

    I slowly started to work in other projects that were giving me short term results like Adrian's method which gave me $600 in a month in my second month! (by far the best month with that method).

    So I ended up forgetting about the website (which at that moment was only containing one ugly and lazy review)

    A couple of weeks ago I logged in and saw that all the comments that I left was generating more than 500 views a month!! EVERY MONTH! DOING NOTHING!!
    And its all TARGETED TRAFFIC and mostly US TRAFFIC!

    So my first though was.. SELL IT .. I mean.. not sell the website design or anything.. but the traffic source.
    But after reading a few stuff and thanks to a response from an experimented user from here (FreddyJames..thank you buddy) I realized it that I could be getting so much more working again in the website.

    So Im going to give it another try! This time for serious! I want to really work hard in this website and see what I can get of those 500 free automated targeted views a month.. and even scale it up by placing more comments and other sources of traffic!

    My idea is to get back to the original method.. Place a few reviews about Clickbank's products and mix it up with a few posts containing CPA offers as well (niche related of course). I was also building an e-mail list that in the first month gathered like 30 members. Then of course it dropped.

    Do you think this is the best way to take advantage of the traffic that the website is receiving?
    Domain contain the word REVIEWS.. so Im guessing Im going to have to stick with reviews.

    I know is not a lot of traffic.. but hey! Its FREE AUTOMATED TARGETED TRAFFIC and mostly from US !
    And I also know that I was a complete FOOL by not scaling it up after the first sale or by not taking care of my E-mail list.. but hey.. Lesson learned.. Things take time and work.. I know that now.. So I want to do it right..

    So if you have any kind of experience in this field I would appreciate any type of help. An IDEA.. a Warning.. anything!! I know there are some freaking talented people in here and time is a valuable thing, so I thank you in advance if you have the time to even give me a little guide on what to do here.

    Thank you so much BHW!! I love this forum .. You had teach me how to use my time to get what I want and not waste it in things like "scrolling down watching facebook"

    Thank you thank you again!! And hope you are all having nothing but great journeys out there!! :)
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