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Jun 16, 2015
i was on the bottom of the first page in youtube for the keyword ( how to lose 20 pounds fast )

i bought some youtube like, subscriptions, views and some comments which i deleted but i did a indexification campaign with some low quality links pointing back to my video by mistake ,,, and i changed a few things in the description and in the tittle and after a few weeks they pulled my video out of youtube search !!!

i cant find my video anyware in youtube ,,, even if i copy and paste the video URL in the youtube search ,,, i still wont find my video !!!

i could only find my video if i copy and paste my URL into the web browser ,,, i dont know if youtube banned my video from the search but i cant find it in youtube any more ..

i checked my account stats and everything is in good standards ,,, but if my video is not banned ,,, if somebody could make this happen for me, please let me know ...
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youtube made an update . i lost 4 videos ranked on second and 3rd page . but they are slowly coming back. wait few days .
Update. Wait for some time, if still not back, file a complaint/request asking for reason of deletion.
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