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[HELP] Flippa: Buyer ask for refund after 48hours

Discussion in 'Site Flipping' started by hoangvinhcbvn, Jun 24, 2019.

  1. Raygh

    Raygh Junior Member

    Mar 30, 2016
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    "On top of this, the seller actually went into 100 forums and created a story about how he is a small child and I am a big marketer, trying to scam him. In those forums, people dug deep and found my profile (where the seller actually already knew about my site as it is in all my email signature and he is also a subscriber of my blog).

    Normally, I wouldn’t bother about any of these but I got 2 emails from my subscribers who were saying, how come you scammed a kid from Vietnam and etc."


    Yea, he is flaming him in his post
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  2. Ashik72

    Ashik72 Newbie

    Aug 11, 2012
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    Really happy to know that the OP won PayPal dispute. This sort of shady trick seems to be becoming a trend now.

    I sold a similar digital asset through an undisclosed (but popular one) marketplace. Every detail was public and the buyer could always contact me for any confusion or question. A guy bought the asset without any discussion and paid through PayPal. Unlike websites, this asset cannot be retrieved and the buyer can use it as they prefer once the download link is sent.

    So I sent all the information to the buyer about the transfer. Eventually found out that this guy is from Uzbekistan who does not understand English a bit and using Google translator, making different meaning of my messages. Even though this is beyond my service, to make the sale successful I started instructing him through Skype and TeamViewer. I mean this guy is either really dumb or was just acting like one - I even had to mark on screenshot showing where to click.

    Eventually I transferred everything and send him guidelines on making profit with the asset. I told him specifically that to keep the profit stable you'd need to advertise for at least 2 months and if you don't understand my guideline hire someone from Fiverr. He kept insisting that I set up ad for him. I denied multiple times but later had to agree to setup one test ad showing him how to do it.

    Couple of hours after ad setup, which was a $5 test ad and the conversion was good enough, he claimed the the asset is not making revenue and I need to refund him back. So now that he got everything from me, it was a good time to ask for a refund. I also promised him that I will process refund if you don't make enough revenue within next two months. He simply won't listen to me and started both PayPal and marketplace dispute.

    So far I have submitted screenshots supporting my transfer and what was actually stated on the sales speech. Still feeling helpless with such dishonest buyer and its very unlikely PayPal will favor me.
  3. royserpa

    royserpa Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Sep 28, 2011
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    Funny how @passive Journal changed its name to @khalidfarhan hehe