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    Hey BHW!

    I've been focusing on getting my first Amazon Affiliate page onto page 1 since I started it back in early September. I've been building links to my site after feeling like on-site SEO is all good (although I'll continue tweaking it and focusing on the design a bit more next to increase conversions when I get ranking properly). This has involved many methods but a lot of my link profile is quality, even if a bit of it may be lower quality. I've been working with highly reviewed SEO services and throwing a fair bit at it with link diversity. I've attached some site analysis of the top 10 - there's 11 as I've included one site twice because of the featured snippets spot.

    Just looking for some ranking advice really. Is it just because my domain is so new? For reference, I've hit 25th for this keyword so far and I am climbing all the time but I'd like to stop link building for a while and focus on new content to rank for other keywords and perhaps get some new sites started.

    Thanks in advance.


    EDIT: I've used page TF, CF and links but then I suppose site wide links pass the juice so not sure that was the right approach for my keyword.
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