Help: Autogenerating spam links


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Jun 12, 2020
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Due to some security issues probably a bot had broke into my backend and created over a thousand webpages through URL INJECTION. My site was put on review by Google and I was notified by webmaster tool.

I cleaned the entire hosting account and restored it to normal. But now there are a lot of spam links linking to my domain to those NON EXISTING PAGES the bot had created.
Though it's said Google is pretty smart at understanding spam links.
I have disavowed the spam links but they are continuously being generated and has destroyed my whole back link profile. No good site would want to link to me if they analyze my link profile.

The anchor texts of the back links are also spam jsbskbs . Something of this sort.

I did a lot of hard work to create content of this blog and I did it by working day and night without using any bad techniques.

Please help me. :(

How do I stop this?