Has John Reese lost his Mind??


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Jul 9, 2009
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This is weird if you ask me. Sounds like a veiled suicide note.

'I'll admit it. I'm a bit weird. I always have been. ;)

And maybe you are too, and that's what makes us

"special." Or at least that's what our moms always
told us.

I like doing "experiments" on myself. I think it's

a great way to grow as a person and to learn more
about yourself -- which can help in one's personal
or business life.

I once read how Leonardo Da Vinci slept only

about 3-4 hours a day by taking short 20-45 minute
naps throughout a 24 hour cycle.

Many years ago, I tried my own sleep experiment

after I found myself pulling a lot of "all nighters."

I decided to go every other night without sleep.

So I would stay awake for stretches of 30-35 hours

straight and then crash for 9-12 hours. I got a lot
of work done by doing this.

And I was able to do this for about 3 months straight -

sleeping only every other night.

There was only one problem... it put me in the hospital.

It had weakened my immune system and I ended up

with a bad case of vertigo. Horrible, horrible stuff.
I was basically DIZZY all day, everyday, for about
2 weeks until it finally went away.

So I, obviously, went back to a normal sleep schedule

and refused to pull "all nighters" anymore. I had bad
insomnia for a long time but eventually got over it.

If you're pulling all nighters and going without sleep,

I recommend you don't. It's just not worth the damage
it can do to your health.

But I've done many other "full immersion" types of

experiments on myself over the years, and most of
them didn't have bad health results - thankfully. :)

My point is... you can learn a lot about yourself if

you take yourself out of your normal comfort zone
and really 'challenge' yourself by trying little experiments
and personal challenges.


Check this out...

I just finished selling (or giving away) all of my personal


Not too long ago my life consisted of a massive 6-bedroom

house (with many rooms I never even went into!) and
5 cars. Yes, FIVE cars. I'm a car guy, what can I say. ;)

I had accomplished what many consider to be the

"American Dream." I had the huge house and all the
toys. The Lamborghini, Ferrari, BMWs, a Rolex
collection, an expensive wardrobe, amazing furniture,
a massive home theater, a 1,000 gallon saltwater
aquarium, the works.

And now I have NONE of it. And I'll explain why in

a moment...

Here are some "quick facts"...

For the first time in over 20 YEARS...

- I don't own a car.

- I don't own any furniture.

- I don't own a TV.

- I don't own any books.

- I don't own a huge closet full of clothes.


- I don't have a HOME. Not a house,

or apartment, or anything.

By now you're probably thinking...

"John, what the hell are you doing!?"

I decided to do all of this because I wanted

to do a new experiment on myself...

It's a challenge of MINIMALISM.

If you haven't yet heard about minimalism,

or read anything about it, you should. Not
only can it (I believe) improve the quality
of your life but it can also make your business
a lot more profitable.

Minimalism is essentially focusing only on

the 3-4 most important things in your life
(or business) and ELIMINATING THE REST.

There many opinions on minimalism and how

to apply it, and some approach it differently.
Do some Google searches for "minimalism"
and you'll find lots of great blogs about it.

It's really a growing 'revolution' of sorts.

I don't agree with everything he teaches, but a

decent book you can read is "The Power Of Less"
by Leo Babauta; and he's someone with 6 kids.
That will get you started.

Everyone will have their own take on minimalism.

But I'm willing to bet you can benefit from it.


So you're probably wondering, if I got rid of

all that stuff, what the heck do I actually have
left? And how will I live?

Here's a full list of the only things I now own...

- A small 28L backpack (that holds everything below)

- 5 t-shirts (4 short sleeve, 1 long sleeve)

- 1 pair of jeans
- 1 light jacket
- 2 pairs of shorts
- 1 pair of running/trek shoes
- 5 pairs of boxer briefs
- Assorted toiletries
- Clothesline & large ziplock bag (for washing clothes)
- 1 MacBook Pro 15"
- 1 64GB Wifi iPad
- 1 iPhone 4
- 1 Livescribe Pen & small notebook
- My passport & credit cards

THAT'S IT. That's all the 'stuff' I own. ALL OF IT.

Here's a photo of my backpack (with everything in it)

except for my 15" MacBook Pro which is in the photo next to it:

But it's also important to note...

I still have all of my money and investments. I didn't pull

a Christopher McCandless ("Into The Wild") and burn all
of my money. This experiment isn't about that. So I still
have all of my businessess (and their assets) as well as
a valuable .COM collection, etc. etc.

But as far as personal "things" go, I currently only have

what I listed above. I'll explain more as to the "WHY"
in a just a second...


The answer is... Everywhere.

I am just going to travel the world non-stop for awhile.

It may be for a year or for 10+ years. I don't know yet
and that's part of the adventure. I have structured
things so I can travel the world INDEFINITELY and plan
to do so for a very long time.

As many of my long-time subscribers know, I love to

travel. I've been to every continent in the world except
for Antarctica. (And hope to visit their soon.) But even
as much as I love to travel, I was only taking a few
trips a year. So now that's all going to change.


Here's what I've discovered about myself...

My level of happiness all comes down to my level of STRESS.

And my stress level is mostly due to having the feeling

of being OVERWHELMED. I had so many possessions
to manage and so many things going on in my life that it
was making me a bit crazy. (More than I already am.)

I found that my CREATIVITY has really suffered because

of this. It's like the brain only has so much available RAM
like a computer, and everything we own and do and manage
takes up that space. It doesn't leave a lot of room left for

So essentially, I wanted my brain back.

I wanted to have what I call "Freedom Of Thought." I want to

have so few distractions and things taking up space in my
brain that I'm free to use as much of my brain as possible to
think of exciting new ideas and fully appreciate new

* I did also realize that all of that "stuff" that I thought was

the "American Dream" was mostly based on EGO. But
that's a discussion for another day.

As many of my customers already know, late last year I

started a new company to develop Video Games. It's been
a dream of mine for many years and I finally decided to
pursue it. Well, this new business (along with other projects)
really demands maximum creativity from me. So I wanted
to try this new 'experiment' to give myself the best chance
at being able to come up with amazing new ideas.


I'm currently on Day 3 of my journey. I moved out of

California about a week ago, then spent a few days visiting
my family in Florida, and then 3 days ago I 'officially' set
out on this "Minimalism Adventure" and flew up to
Toronto, Canada (where I am now) to visit my good friend,
Dean Jackson.

In the first 3 days, I've already come up with some

unbelievable new ideas for my businesses. And this
is only just the beginning.

I would like to challenge you to look at your business (and life)

and see how you can apply the Pareto Principle (80/20 Rule)
and eliminate the things that aren't essential to your goals --
or things that take away from the more important parts of
reaching your goals.

I recently deleted my personal Facebook account (that had

5,000 'friends') and it was one of the best things I ever did.

I was finding that Facebook was one big waste of my time.

I was logging in multiple times a day and it was robbing me
of time I should have been spending on more important

Don't get me wrong, I think Facebook has decent marketing

uses, but I think for most entrepreneurs it's better used
for brands (with Business Page accounts) than as a personal
account. For me and all of the businesses I am involved
with, Facebook does not fall into the "20" part of the 80/20
rule. PPC, SEO, buying media (which includes Facebook Ads),
and other strategies out-produce it by a massive amount.
But that's a rant for another day. ;-)

After recently telling someone about what I am doing

they said...

"But, John, I gotta tell you... it really sounds like you're

just running from life."

To which I replied...

"No, you don't understand, I'm running TO life."

Okay it's time for me to go and pack up my stuff -- even,

though, it only takes me about 5 minutes. ;-)

I'm heading to Europe for a few months tomorrow as I continue

on my journey.

I'll be in touch soon.

Yours For Online Profits,

John Reese
Why weird?

He sold some shit he didn't really care about to start traveling and enjoy life.

He still has plenty of money. When he will be done traveling, he can always buy some even cooler fancy shit.

As Fight Club's Tyler Durden used to say...

"Things you own ends up owning you"

PS: and maybe in a few months he will start sellling his own version of the "Four Hour Work Week". He's John Reese, after all.
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He has just disowned everything and gone off back-backing

"I still have all of my money and investments. I didn't pull
a Christopher McCandless ("Into The Wild") and burn all
of my money. This experiment isn't about that. So I still
have all of my businessess (and their assets) as well as
a valuable .COM collection, etc. etc."
Fight Club is a remarkably childish film.

Imagine if the whole world dropped everything and went off backpacking.

I have nothing against it, I just thought it was weird coming from him. I thought it wasnt his style. He just comes off like a very stiff kinda guy.
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Looks like Mr Reese wants to clear his mind and attain a new level of awesomeness... Either way,I guess the guy's rich enough to do his own thing.

In a world of predictable gurus (big cars, fancy lifestyles, etc.) it probably pays to be a little less predictable.
John Resse is NOT suicidal.
He is simply opting for a simple life for a while, to help his creative juices flow in
a more efficient manner, so that he will return to his video games chapter of his life,
and have a more direct and imaginable input. He might well be responsible for the
creation of some sort of new 3d model / reality artificial intellegence type thing, where
he will harness his life experiences into the creation and development of a new system.

besides, he has his credit cards and passport with him, so I do not expect him to have to rough it for a while, since I am sure he will have a million dollar credit on his bronze / silver / gold / platinium / tungtesen / zirconium / or whatever the biggest and best thing that rip off credit companies are calling the elite card these days....

He will not be short of cash / credit any day soon, and if the truth be told, wouldn't we all love to be in that alturistic position to be able to drop everything and travel wildly and free, safe in the knowledge that he will return to IM and his businesses, and his luxury penthouse suite / ranch in the country.

I say fair Play to him, and in any case, IMHO, he is one of the better IM'ers gurus.

I will him well.

Good Luck John
Many or all of the guru will disappear because they made money by selling a pipe dream for thousands of dollars a pop. Frank Kern's gone, John Reese's on his way. Frank Kern went underground immediately after List Control. Reese, a more sensitive guy, is merely romanticizing his getaway. I wonder who's next.
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I found that letter quite fascinating, but I don't think I'd say weird. Obviously he's at a more peaceful place in his mind.

I can relate to having my best ideas when I'm not worried about all the stuff I have to do.

As for the whole world taking off backpacking, I believe he said that he still has his businesses and I don't know how much he got for his stuff, but I'm sure he has enough money to finance these travels.

I take back the 'veiled suicide note' comment.

I thoroughly read every email he sends out. He is definitely cream of the crop in the IM world.

I was just a bit shocked is all. :)
That sir, was actually a good read. Thank you.

Totally agree, why not? When you have the money you can do things like that knowing that you are really safe that if you don't enjoy it lets just go buy another house! Simple
Fight Club is a remarkably childish film.

Imagine if the whole world dropped everything and went off backpacking.

I have nothing against it, I just thought it was weird coming from him. I thought it wasnt his style. He just comes off like a very stiff kinda guy.

How dare you?! If everyone lived through the mind of Tyler Durden we would all be better off.
I got that email earlier and actually read it (most guru emails are only worth a very quick skim).
No matter how you look at it, it's a smart move. As mentioned before it distances him from the other gurus who only talk about 7 figure launches these days . This will only give him more clout when he 'returns'. I have done this 'sell everything routine' a few times and it always leads to more clarity. Anything that gets you away from working in your business to working 'on' your business is beneficial.
It's obvious he is reading the zen habits (and probably 4hww blogs). Which are both great.

Fight Club is a remarkably childish film.
I disagree completely with that - unless by childish you mean fearless and original. A little Project Mayhem now and then will free the mind.
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